Minnie Mouse Shares Her Passion For Fashion With A Poem About Polka Dots

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Close your eyes and think about Minnie Mouse. Now, what did you see?

Let me guess — Big ears, huge smile, yellow shoes and red dress with white… polka dots?  No one needs to know how to read minds to know that Minnie’s iconic fashion statement are her polka dots.

She is so passionate about her bubbly red and white dotted style that Minnie Mouse had to find a way to express her love for the dots beyond just wearing them.

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Credit: Disney

In one of Minnie’s newest outfits at Topolino’s – Flavors of the Riviera at Disney’s Riviera Resort, her dress is covered with words instead of her usual polka dots.

But, if you look closely enough, you will see that the words in her dress are a poem — A poem about polka dots!

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

And such an adorable poem it is! Take a look at it:

Ode to my Polka-Dots
I wake up every morning
And put on my polka dots
I open up my closet,
And I see them –lots and lots!

The color doesn’t matter
Some are red and some are blue
But all my skirts are spotted,
My bows and bags are too!

I dress them up with ruffles
I dress them up with lace
You’d think that I’d grow tired of them
But oh! That’s not the case!

When I look into the mirror,
And it’s polka dots I see,
I just can’t help but smile
Because they make me feel like me!

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Such a lovely poem, it defiantly fits Minnies love for polka dots.

So, what did you think about the poem? Do you think it expresses Minnie’s love for polka dots? Let us know down in the comments.

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