Chill Out Your Patio Garden With A DIY Mickey Ice Cream Planter

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Feeling fresh? Spring brings about the urge to plant, grow, and make! Spring clean your patio garden with a minty fresh planter for your budding succulents. This DIY Mickey Ice Cream Planter turns any sprig into a treat that’s “too cute to eat!” It’s the next best thing to visiting the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in a Disney Park! Make it along with your kiddos, but lend a hand with the cutting. You can also set this terra decor tidbit on a windowsill to brighten your indoor room. Now get crafting!

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Credit: Disney Family

Gather Your Supplies

Making this pot should be very easy if you have an extra pot laying around. If it’s messy beyond cleaning, hit it with a dose of tan spray paint and go from there. We’re going to coat it with visually delicious decoration! Extra potting soil and any spring of greenery will live nicely in this pretty pot.

  • Ceramic pot
  • Mickey Template to judge ear size(This is a great resource for making any sort of Mickey Craft!)
  • Ruler
  • Foam Core Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint – mint, brown, tan.
  • Black permanent marker
  • Outdoor glue
  • Plant of your choice
  • Potting Soil
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Credit: Disney Family

How To Make The Mickey Ice Cream Planter

craft a mickey pot for your plants
Credit: Disney Family
    1. Gather the above materials and sit in a clear-air area to paint. A tray works well for any little one helping you paint. Wipe your pot before you begin to have a clean surface. A simple damp cloth works well.
    2. Download, print, and cut the fun Mickey Mouse head template to use as a guide for making your foam ears.  You can also skip this step and create them from freehand, using a ruler as a guide.  Cut a slit or space in the bottom of the ear in order to hand it on the pot. Make sure it’s not too large so it glues nicely to the edge.
    3. Paint the top edge of your pot mint green. Begin with the top ledge and work your way down, creating a scoopy, drippy edge that an ice cream cone has. Let the Mickey Ice Cream Planter Pot dry.
    4. While the “ice cream” dries, paint the foam ear rounds the same color as your ice cream, and let dry. You may have to flip and paint in order to fully coat.
    5. Add crisscrossed dark brown lines to your bottom half of the planter pot, making a waffle cone pattern. Kiddos may find it easier to paint against tape lines. Let the waffle area dry completely.
    6. Using a black sharpie style marker, make small “chocolate chips” on the minty green ice cream section of the pot, as well as the (for now) separate ear tops. If you want more of a hot fudge look, use dark brown paint to illustrate.
    7. Glue the ears onto the pot, and insert the garden soil and succulent plant (or plant of your choice). For more Disney Park fun, make other Mickey Ice Cream Planters with rainbow sprinkles, Sundae ingredients or other flavors of ice cream!
mickey planter ice cream
Credit: Disney Family

Which Disneyland Resort ice cream will you recreate on your terrace? Leave us a comment below!

Source: Disney Family

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