Look Like a Hero With The New Marvel x Toms Collection

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Marvel x Toms collection

Source: Marvel x Toms

Do you want to dress like your favorite Marvel characters? Are you looking for a Captain America inspired shoe or the iconic sunglasses worn by Iron Man?

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Well, you’re in luck. Trusted partners Toms and Marvel have come together to create a heroic collection in the style of your favorite Marvel comics characters.

The super Marvel x Toms collection has a style for everyone and even includes Toms shoes for your little hero to be.

So don’t start a Civil War. Get online to the Toms shop and explore this powerful collaboration, and become a hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with each amazing style.

Find the entire Marvel x Toms collection right here to browse Earth’s mightiest collection.

The Marvel x Toms Collaboration

The Marvel x Toms collection contains a range of items, including footwear and sunglasses.

This Captain America inspired shoe and its kid counterpart are my absolute favorites; perfect for any Marvel fan and their little one.

Marvel x Toms Captain America
Marvel x Toms Captain America sneaker. Source: Toms

There’s something in this collection for every Marvel fan, and many of Marvel‘s Avengers get their own design. This Hulk sneaker is just incredible.

Marvel x Toms Hulk sneaker
Marvel x Toms Hulk sneaker. Source: Toms, Marvel – Avengers Age of Ultron

For all of you fans of Disney and Sony’s Spider-Man, check out this adorable sneaker, perfect for any Marvel-loving child.

Marvel x Toms Spider-Man sneaker
Marvel x Toms Spider-Man sneaker. Source: Toms

Alternatively, if you’re into more subtle designs, get a pair of these trainers, which favor a number of Marvel Studios superhero logos.

Marvel x Toms
Marvel x Toms sneaker. Source: Toms

The Marvel x Toms Collection sunglasses make you feel like Iron Man

‘I am Iron Man.’ The most definitive moment of Avengers: Endgame can now be relived, with this amazing pair of sunglasses that make you feel like a superhero!

Tony Stark’s sunglasses feature in many a classic Marvel scene, and Marvel x Toms gives you the chance to feel like Marvel‘s most beloved character.

Marvel x Toms sunglasses
Marvel x Toms sunglasses. Source: Toms, Screengeek

If you’re more about that spy life and prefer covertly kicking butt, take a look at the Black Widow range of sunglasses.

Every pair include the amazing ‘Widow’s Sting’ tag making them highly distinct and uber stylish. Perfect for every sleuth that loves the Marvel Universe.

Marvel x Toms Black Widow sunglasses
Marvel x Toms Black Widow sunglasses. Source: Toms, Marvel

Will you be picking up a pair of the Marvel x Toms sunglasses or shoes? What is your favorite item in the collection? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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