Comments for Kingdom Hearts Live-Action TV Show Reported To Be In Development For Disney+

Credit: Disney


  1. kingdom hearts fan

    no no no no no no no no BAD IDEA!!!!! Seriously a BAD IDEAAAA

  2. Caleb

    It better not be live action it gonna look terrible I’d rather have it in cg how its supposed to look

  3. metroyeta rerex

    Just like every Live-action show and movie, it’s going to be bad…

  4. I literally have Goosebumps, because I once said that how would we feel if Kingdom Hearts has ITS OWN TV SHOW. And it’s finally gonna happen YES! I knew it

  5. Harley

    Can i ask why they need to make it live action??? The game looks so real and its a fine think could really translate well.

  6. Fundip

    I have 100% doubts in this happening. There are so many reasons if anyone would put a single thought into it.

  7. Peache$'n'Gravy

    If it does get a tv show it BETTER NOT be live action? What idiot would think that’s a good idea? Make it CG like the Disney-Pixar movies! Or even make it an anime adaptation of the manga series! Literally ANYTHING that isn’t live-action.

  8. Carilyn

    The d i s r e s p e c t I am feeling in this chilis tonight is incomprehensible. As if making it a LIVE ACTION series wasnt bad enough, an American company is doing it? This is just gonna end up being another “Netflix Death Note” situation. And we all saw how THAT monstrosity turned out. “Take the orginal Japanese concept and make it as American as possible to market it to everyone but the orginal fans because that is gonna make us more money than the original story.”

    P L E A S E

  10. Chris

    I’m a advocate for a Kh CGI cartoon or A traditional cartoon. I do not want a live action TV show. A lot of the magic of Kingdom hearts will be lost by making it live action. Plus all the live action movies were awful :p

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