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  1. Betty Pawelczyk

    I have reservations for July 10th. Need updates whether to change vacation.

  2. Heather

    Why are pins not shown?

    1. Britney

      Because whether this Minnie Mouse Main Attraction June collection will have the pin set hasn’t been confirmed yet. Just like in the April “It’s A Small World” collection there wasn’t a Loungefly backpack like there was for January and March, but instead a fanny pack, it still isn’t confirmed that there will be a pin set. It’s very likely that there will be since there always usually are, but insidethemagic isn’t Disney so they wouldn’t know but I’m glad they were still able to provide an early preview! Look out at shopDisney’s social media and/or website, they should upload a tease of next month’s collection very soon.

  3. rob reeves

    I’ve given up trying to get these – I never can get checked out before they all disappear. Still waiting to see if the *12* charges from the May release get erased off my credit card. Apparently every time I hit Check Out on the app it dinged my card.

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