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  1. David Venable

    I live in the Orlando area and the I4/408 interchange doesn’t affect Disney traffic at all. If you’re coming from the East Coast, you are taking 528 and coming from Tampa, you get to the parks well before you come near this interchange. Same can be said for the Turnpike which intersects I4 a long way from here.

    Yes, this will help getting to downtown Orlando but it has nothing to do with traffic to the parks.

  2. Mark

    I4 has been under construction for yrs like even when (its not under construction its under construction)why does he think him saying its going to mean anything to speed up fdot!?

  3. Jackie

    So that means the theme parks are never going to reopen! Bc theres never been a time I4 in my lifetime where its never been under major construction!

  4. Paul

    I travel from Jacksonville to Tampa and back to visit family. The current construction does not go near the Disney area. When parks are open traveling from Tampa to Orlando traffic backs up from exit 68 on I4 at least 3 miles or more.

    1. Jackie

      Did you find some miracle route around altamonte springs through downtown and to theme parks bc i like to know what your on???

  5. Matt Brewster

    I lived on Orlando from 1995 to 2009 and can’t get over how extensively I-4 is being “improved.” However, once it is done-if ever- I doubt if any real improvements in traffic flow will result. It is the nature of the beast, that all you do is attract more drivers than before, thus filling the highways as badly as before. (Robert Moses never learned this lesson). To REALLY improve traffic flow to need MASS TRANSIT, preferably systems that are elevated! You know, MONORAILS! The FDOT should visit WDW to see how well theirs works.

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