Host Disney Trivia Night With These FREE Mickey Mouse Trivia Cards!

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Credit: Disney/D23

When Walt Disney created his first Mickey Mouse animated shorts over 90 years ago, he couldn’t have had any idea of the impact his character would have on popular culture (even almost a century later!)

Now you and your family can test your knowledge of the “mouse who started it all” with this free downloadable set of Mickey Mouse trivia cards.

D23 has shared full instructions for how to use this set of Disney trivia cards!

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Credit: D23

Mickey Mouse Trivia Card Game (Courtesy of

  1. Print the trivia cards using the double-sided feature on your printer. (Can print single sided and tape the answers onto their backs).
  2. Scatter the trivia cards around the room for the first half of your party, providing guests the opportunity to learn the answers to the trivia questions.
  3. When you’re ready to play, collect all of the trivia cards.
  4. Split your guests into two teams. Pro tip – have them come up with punny Mickey themed team names
  5. Give each team a sheet of paper and pen or pencil to record their answers.

The Disney trivia PDF is available for free download here.

More Disney Family Game Night Fun

Make it a full evening of Disney family fun with these other free D23 downloads. Once you’ve finished your Mickey trivia game, try this “Pin the Bow Tie on the Mickey” activity. Similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” this Disney activity will be a hit with even the youngest members of your household.

D23 provided instructions for how to play this classic party game.

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pin the bow tie on mickey
Credit: D23

Pin the Bow Tie on the Mickey (Courtesy of

  1. Print the document on sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper in landscape mode. Be sure to click “scale to fit” in your printer settings.
  2. Follow the grey dotted lines to cut out Mickey’s bow ties.
  3. Take the eight (8) pieces of Mickey and match them up. (Pro tip: cut the white boarder off on the bottom and left sides of all the right pieces, and the bottom off on all the left pieces for a more polished finish.)
  4. Using scotch tape, tape the pieces together on the back.
  5. Tape the completed Mickey to a wall or back of a door.
  6. Apply double-sided tape, or scotch tape, to each of Mickey’s bow ties.
  7. Hand out bow ties to each guest. We recommend the guest write their name on the back.
  8. Place a blindfold over the eyes of the guest who is going first, then spin them in place five (5) or so times then let them try to stick their bow tie on Mickey.
  9. The guest who gets his or her bow tie closest to the red dot on Mickey wins!

Everything you need to play can be downloaded for free here.

Finally, get in the Disney spirit by decorating for your Mickey Mouse game night with this fun printable Mickey banner!

Which of your family members has the knowledge to win this Mickey Mouse trivia game? Tell us in the comments after you try the quiz!

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