Comments for Disney Springs and CityWalk Restaurants Allowed to Double Capacity Starting Next Week

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  1. Janie

    Yea except all parks still want mandatory masks and we are going to be in over 100 degree heat soon thats now a totally different safety hazard no one wants but i hope they have EMT on stand by!

  2. Davis

    Yea except hes not happy w the parks esp bc 5 people passed out bc they had to wear masks and 2 cms were sent home for same reason just at citywalk! Forget a park opening! I can tell you right now I am a on the inside at disney i have not been told to go back to my post as secuityy so guess what stop assume and lets see how it goes bc yesterday and after all the beach traffic desantis was putting us back in lockdown…. lets have patience and take it day by day!

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