Perfectly Themed Furniture for DIY At Home Imagineering

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Here at ITM we’ve enjoyed sharing our readers creativity as featured in the “At Home Imagineering” series. Today we share a few fine elements of perfectly themed furniture for those projects awaiting pixie dust decor.

These elegant thrones and dome chairs can add a splash of over-the-top opulence to almost any DIY Disney themed environment.  With interesting home decor items ranging from whimsical to slightly sinister, this collection deserves a closer look.ornate chairs

Finding the perfect piece of furniture for that next Disney do-it-yourself, an At Home Imagineering adventure is not always easy.  However, thanks to the creative craftsmen at Royalty Furniture, ornate options exist.  These beautifully hand made works of art are not for the faint of heart.

Perfectly Themed Furniture For DIY

Texas based Royalty Furniture might just be the perfect choice for any castle, or other fantasy décor setting. Their exquisitely detailed, hand made chairs come fully constructed. Using fine fabrics and mahogany wood, their chairs clearly state an air of distinction.

Master carpenters, work like sculptors, carving the Mahogany wood by hand to edge shapes into the wood. Beautiful shapes like scrolls, swirls, roses, and flowers come to life in the hands of expert carpenters. The artistry in your furniture has a timeless elegance.Royalty Furniture

This masterful mind for elegance is, of course, reflected in the price of these built to last items.  However, for the ultimate immersive accent for that at home makeover environment, these intriguing items can be well worth their weight in gold.

For darker designs, say something with a note of ghostly retirement, these dome chairs offer an air of foreboding in their Doombuggy-like appearance. A red and gold version might feel at home in Captain Nemo’s quarters.

Perfectly Themed Furniture dome chairs

Setting the tone for a royal ruling room or even a delightful dining room/banquet hall fit for a princess begs the inclusion of these high back throne chairs.

Perfectly Themed Furniture throne chairs

Perhaps Beast’s library, or even one filled the finest ghost writers around, might include a few of these fancy Baroque or Victorian design style seating selections?

Perfectly Themed Furniture historicalchairs

For those who might need a bit of creative nudging with their décor ideas, Royalty Furniture has even established its own un-birthday celebration. The Wonderland Collection curates a sampling from several styles to set an exciting and eclectic tea-time table.


Perfectly Themed Furniture Wonderland Collection samples

Fine, Fun Furniture Found

Even one throne or dome chair can achieve the perfect focal point for a fiendishly fun Disney DIY décor display. Sinister style, spooky settings, whimsical wonders or a regal room redone, the finely crafted collection of seating selection at Royalty Furniture offers opulent opportunities for pixie dust powered interior design known as at home Imagineering.

Will you be using one of these chairs for your next DIY Disney Decorating project? Let us know in the comments.

Source and images: Royalty Furniture

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