Comments for California Says Disneyland Can Reopen in Stage 3, Possibly Within Weeks

disneyland reopening stage 3


  1. Janie

    Tell that to cast whom has been told august and has made plans for such! I have kids i cant just up and leave!? I know i am in the majority are they out of their minds we been told june and july are closed you can not just take that back esp in this new normal?! Rides have to rehab and open security and checks those things can not happen over night though it is dl and not wdw but still you told us different…. and we need to retrain thats 2 wks for every cast member! Hello thats well into july wake up disney your loosing it! That or is this some more bs from itm bc we are not in level 2 no state is!!! Forget level 3!!!

  2. deak91

    the problem is understanding the reading and how it applies to the workers … opening in june means workers can come back for updated training of new policies and protocols how many cast do they employ ? how will the training be done ? what cast comes back to work first? is it a full return or limited openings across the parks and slowly raise it up ? people who work there knows the background work needed to open to the public is the first stage and they are just waiting for the call to get back to work

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