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  1. Scott

    I don’t believe this is accurate. May29th was the last date for cancellations. If you had a reservation with bookings for ANY dates which included data UP TO May 29th, you needed to take action or lose it entirely. This person had May29th booked through June 4th. If they didn’t modify their reservation to OMIT the 29th, they were going to end up with their entire trip getting cancelled.

    I believe that’s what happened to this guest. Disney is still advertising bookings from June 1. I don’t think we need to sound the alarms yet. I have a booking from June 1 through June 22. Mine has not been cancelled and still shows active in MyDisney Experience.

    1. Jackie

      I was canceled in june last month so yes it was it depends on where you are in the system! The app will not be accurate! It sometimes thinks the parks are still open.

      1. Nick

        You were canceled in June last month? So in April, Disney canceled your June reservation?
        That doesnt make sense

    2. Jeff

      This is correct. Disney stated we had up until May 28th (Check in day) to move our trip or they would cancel and refund our money.
      This would mean the reservation would remain active up until May 28th to give us a chance to move it.

  2. Mark

    Old news itm i expect better of what use to be a great fan site.

  3. Davis

    I am a security team member being ride out they told us when things start moving and levels start we will go back to our post! That hasnt happen yet! Lets have patience!

  4. Kim

    I dont think that is accurate. I have a reservation to arrive June 3ed. I called this afternoon and I was told my reservation is still intact, but they announced today reservations are being canceled thru 5/30. This is per Disney reservations.

    1. Janie

      They can not tell you that they will still be closed bc common sense = tbd is tbd! You could make reservations for tomm and still be valid then canceled believe me i tested this! Its all very fishy! I am a cm we arent going anywhere fast! I got unemployment till oct!

      1. Nick

        No. That is a lie. Go to their website. Yes. You can select a date in May but once you go to the resort selection page… they are all unavailable. So no… stop spreading lies

      2. Janie

        Nick your the only one lying i am a cm i think i should know whats happen way more than you! I been told oct if not later all states are in level one gathers of 10 or more are illegal and you get fined or arrested! Wake up your not going anywhere!

    2. Rebel Ravenclaw

      I wouldnt take itm word for anything they arent connected to wdw and in the same breathe said may june july and now 2021! Btw all off it would be an accurate definition of TBD! I trust harley davis and mark they seem to know folks and have accurate info esp davis hes there right now! And commented above you…

  5. Mary

    Ours hasn’t been canceled and it’s book from June 1st through the 10th.

    1. Mark

      Well our state is still closed to visitors and its not opening any time soon we are barely in level 1 opening for us here in fl! So think about it you will be!

      1. Jackie

        Heres.a new plan… whatever happens happens or never those are your only choices deal w it people!!!!

  6. Chris

    Disney just canceled all food reservations for the week of June 8th through the 14th. Disney did not notify us, but we found out through the Disney app, and we called Disney they did confirm the cancellation through the 14th

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