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Disney World rumors

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  1. Harley

    Yes but that does not mean the parks are opening proposals need to be approved and its just proposals! You know how many they been through!!??? Enough is enough lets all have patience the parks will always be there… also in the same breathe Chopek said “he does not know how he could reopen the parks here w the mask issue and still feel safe about it!” And i am sure the other parks are thinking same and about saftey and if they arent their lawyers plus osha are!

    1. Davis

      Exactly and i am glad chopek is thinking about things thats for sure! I get being safe but its ALL got to be safe as a cm i appreciate it all! Again this is a new caster and they could say anything like this site and thats ok but its not face ya know! I know and i keep saying this i do not have a regular sch yet and until then parks are closed.

  2. Tammy

    It’s pretty sad that the governor is hiding an has fired the person in charge of how many actually cases their really is so the theme parks can open too soon just completely sad money hungry people can be !!!! Won’t be coming near there!!! Until August that’s if the numbers don’t go up!!!!

    1. Jackie

      Our numbers have already gone up desantis is pissed believe me thats why he hasnt approved the parks yet! Chopek is trying to figure out the mask thing i read somewhere so while they are money hungry at least they are trying if not people have been sue happy for way less!

    2. Jerry

      DeSantis has said many times that the number of cases isn’t the metric they are watching. They are watching the hospitalizations which continue to fall.

      We are never going to have zero cases. That’s not going to happen until years after a vaccine.

      1. Janie

        Thats never happening they said remdesvir is all we got we can not just not live our lives in fear for forever!

  3. Bob

    Stay home then

    1. Jack

      Bob is right…

      1. Jamie

        How about you take your negative tude adjustment home!

  4. Laurie

    We are planning to go to the parks as soon as they are opened! We have tickets already bought for Disney & Universal and can’t wait to get back to enjoying life!!!
    Prefer no mask, but will work around it!

    1. Davis

      Prefer no mask thats what everyone at disney wants too but then their safety but as someone whom just passed out today knowing its only going to get hotter its going to not be fun but i hope you enjoy yourself i just know i have not got a normal schedule yet… no cms are being called in except springs!

    2. Cindy Caine

      Hope your a resident to either fl or cali we are not letting anyone in whose not for now!

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