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Disney Resort Hotels

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  1. Ken

    You could have a reservation for July, that does not mean they are open yet. Disney has not announced when any resort will open. Even the official website state that resorts are closed until further notice.

    Having an annual pass right now does not give you access to the park. You need to read your contract for the annual pass. Also, they made adjustments for the shutdown. They are not incorrect about their article.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      They said it on the news here a few wks ago july was hotels August for parks but yes that could change it all could change! I got canceled for july but where was i going i can not leave ny! Desantis could continue to get pissed and put you all back into lockdown too!!! Or not open disney bc of the whole kiddy strain thats hosp kids and killed 10 just here in ny! Why are we all in a rush!? And thats coming from me i am in ny amd still stuck i wish to just have something normal to look forward too disney wasnt it but thats bc theres no rush! Lets all have patience!

  2. Harley

    I have reservations for july that i am not worried about till they are canceled we are aps and dvc just tired of staring at the same 4 walls wanted another 4 wasnt even worried about the parks!

  3. Chainsaw Princess

    This is great news except for epcot! I think they lost an opportunity to stay closed to do construction but thats here nor there! How will they have people at hotels but tell them they can not come into the parks unless you get sp ticket??? Those things make no sense together little confused but i am grateful virtual queue means what i am already use to w das! So bring it on but not in mad rush!

  4. Mark

    What about those of us whom disney canceled and now are stating june reopen do you think we could ask for our hotel rooms back?? Know many whom were canceled for july too whom are going to ask that!

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