Comments for Disney Shares Liability Disclaimer for Guests as Disney Springs Officially Reopens


  1. Nic

    Basically: “don’t sue us, we aren’t responsible for what you do”

    1. Harley

      Nor should they be but its common sense that people have sued disney for way less! We are living in a catch 22 world not everyone is going to be happy Disney needs to put it in writing! Just like Disney isnt responsible for when it moves on and the bubble mentality still wants the world to stop! Your not going to please everyone we are all only human! Thats why i think kindness is the key!

    2. Jan

      You wont catch me there ..bunch of numbsculls..and paying top dollar to get the virus of your life!

  2. Rob

    Disney has done everything they can reasonably do to protect people. We know this disease is highly contagious, at this point the risk is on is.

    1. Cathy


    2. Mike

      We will see if they enforce the rules they have set fully and indiscriminately or not. If they arent enforcing them then they haven’t everything they can do.

      1. This world is full of people who refuse to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I wouldn’t blame Disney if they never reopened. No matter what they do, some idiot will try to sue them. They can’t control this virus or people, it’s an absolute no win for them. People who think Disney controls there exposure to a virus just need to stay home.

  3. Orlando

    I will not go to Disney Springs until I first see what happens.
    To each his/her own I know Disney cared about it’s workers as well as it’s guest so basically it is on you whether you go or not, but they should not be held liable for the decision that you make especially in the time that you know we’re living in.

  4. Denise B.

    We’re also warned that death can be a result of surgery, prescriptions, etc. Let’s keep the fear-mongering going.

  5. Jackie

    Unfortunately ever since this happen people forgot the top 3 killers are still
    Heart attack
    Suicide/mental health!
    Lets see 2 dear friends dropped dead bc of heart attack, i survived cancer 3 times prior to this barely, and a group of teens on the block had suicidal plot till adults got wind and got them help!
    Oh btw theres still the flu thats still striking while all this is going on killed just a few 100k less just last yr…. but yes lets all put blame on people or disney or anyone whom wants to be safe!

  6. Chris

    Wish they fully embraced the disclaimer and omitted the temp screenings and mask requirements. I hate going to the shopping area anyway, so no, won’t be going, but not because I’m afraid “it isn’t safe enough”. I am just not a fan of Disney Springs.

    1. Grace

      You could always take your mask off in the bathroom and lick the toilets if you’re itching to get sick.

    2. Jackie

      Masks should be worn just not has aggressively presented like if i feel like i can not breathe in 115 heat i should be able to put it down! And not just when i eat or swim! The temp thing to me is worse bc again the heat thing and once they open parks and to more people it will not work! Besides people i know that had it never recorded fevers at all! So whats that going to prove???
      We can not live in a Bubble but we have to safe. I would assume the waiver is for if rules change do not blame disney if you got sick!!! But whom do i blame if i had to wear a mask and passed out ??? Bc guess what people are!!! And some people medically can not wear masks!

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