Disney Purse Collectors Show Love Of Magic Through Disney Style Pieces

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Credit: Hannah Rios

For me, it started back in 2016 during my Disney College Program. I had my eye on a beautiful Disney printed Dooney and Bourke purse that was currently being sold throughout the parks.

I remember the day that I had finally saved up enough money for my first designer Disney purse and ended up buying it during one of my days off work in Hollywood Studios. I happily skipped my way down Hollywood Boulevard, blue Disney shopping bag in hand. I knew right then that I had just tapped into the start of what would become a long term Disney collection for me. 

disney purses
Credit: Hannah Rios

Disney Purse Collectors Come Together — Disney Purse Pals

I’m not alone in this interest and you can find all sorts of social networking groups tailored to specific interests, such as a Disney purse collection page. Some collectors even go as far as camping out or waiting in hour long lines in order to be one of the handful to purchase a certain collector bag before it sells out.

Owner of the Disney Purse Pals Facebook page — Vanessa Dawson — tells The Orange Country Register, “Camping out is a huge thing. I have a close-knit group of friends and we meet up. with our chairs and blankets. Some people even fly in for it.”

Another Disney fan, Karen Arduini of Murrieta, told Orange County Register, “I can’t wear a Disney T-shirt to work, but I can carry a Disney bag.” Arduini estimates that she has approximately 75 bags! “At work, I’m known as the Disney lady. People always ask me what bag I have today,” she said.

disney purses
Credit: Hannah Rios

Laura Caszatt, a Disney Parks Merchandising manger, told Orange County Register that the Disney company knows “guests love to celebrate at Disney, and carry their favorite Disney bag when they do. We create them for many of the special occasions we celebrate at Disney parks, including holidays and events.”

“Each year, it seems we design more and more interesting, creative and unique bags,” Caszatt said. “When you consider all the different types of accessories we develop, there are probably more than 100. There are so many beloved  Disney stories to choose from, and we want to ensure we have something for everyone.”

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Credit: Disney

The Disney community as a whole is an exciting community of people who all love the magic of the company. It’s interesting to see the unique offshoots of the community in different areas dedicated to characters, movies, parks and collections. As we know, these areas of interest are all things that can bring us together and introduce us to like minded company.

So being a collector, truly can bring new friends and fun experiences into your life — even if that experience is camping out overnight! 

A Magical Collection

Though I’ve never camped out to get a hold of a new design, I agree that there are many fun things about being a Disney purse collector. I personally have invested in collecting not only distinctly Disney bags, but also other colorful and whimsical bags that fit into my own idea of a ‘magical purse’.

My bags range from being from well known designers like Dooney and Bourke and Vera Bradley, to more recently popular and locally made bags such as those from the Harvey’s collections. I also have accumulated quite a few fun pieces to my collection from Disney itself. Sometimes you can even find amazing new and vintage Disney bags and wallets secondhand via posh-mark or local thrift stores.

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Credit: Hannah Rios

Showcasing Disney Style Through Unique Purses

I just love being a Disney fan who is able to showcase my personal love of magic whether I’m in a Disney park, Disney store, or just out running errands. 

“I can’t wear a Disney T-shirt to work, but I can carry a Disney bag,” Karen Arduini of Murrieta told The OCR. She works as an executive with a hardware company. She estimates owning around 75 bags. “At work, I’m known as the Disney lady. People always ask me what bag I have today.”

disney purses
Credit: Hannah Rios

I have found that through my Disney purse collection, I’m able to express myself on a daily basis through my fun Disney style. I’ve also seen it work as a conversation starter with strangers and end up making a new Disney-loving friend by the end of the encounter. Disney truly does bring us all together, and that’s one of the many reasons why I love my magical collection!

Do you have a Disney collection that you love?

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