Comments for Will A Disney Parks Vacation Ever Be the Same After the Pandemic?

Disney World

Credit: Gregg Newton / Reuters


  1. Harley

    Yes once they open this fevered dream might be a distant memory. They will not open till its safe! Its all going to be okay lets have patience!

  2. Jackie

    I thought we would go back w limited visibility lol!

  3. Scott

    The frusturation with people saying it’s ‘its going to be ok’ is maddening. The statistics surrounding covid have been inflated and the panic is so extreme we’ve shuddered the whole world. Flu kills millions every year. This is no different.

    If we do not re-open the very thing that keeps America rich and free, our economy, everything will NOT be ok. Disney cannot survive with nearly ALL of their revenue GONE. No sports, no parks, no cruises, no hotels, no production studios, no movie releases…

    This is a crisis. Disney CAN go bankrupt and end up selling their properties and dissolve into a media company selling online content like Netflix.

    This is real. They do not have unlimited billions of dollars to spend hanging around closed.

    Our nation is on life-support. We need to get beyond fear and get our economy running at 100% as quickly as possible or Disney will be the least of our concerns.

    1. Janie

      Thats why i keep saying its like talking to my children needs vs wants people! Its about mental health physical health kids going back to school people going back to work… its not about vacations and the like!

    2. Stan P

      Unfortunately you are 100% correct but the media lives to create fear and panic to get people to watch their broadcasts and read their publications.

  4. Connie

    Personally, I love Disney World & was hoping to go to celebrate the 50th + my 60th (which are 2 days apart). But planning to go 1st week of December. If I have to wear a mask & if this carries into next year, I will wait. I don’t like when this is referred to as the new normal. This is not normal & should not become normal. Just my opinion. Very stressed about this.

  5. annette

    It’s not like the parks were germ-free before. I think the REACTION to this latest pandemic is over the top

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