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  1. Harley

    I want to make this clear this is not 100% truth but it is what vital cms whom have just been told they will be nerded in the near future which my friends are….. they are trying to reopen mk of all parks for july 1st NOTE this will ONLY along w other opens for time being ONLY FL RES AP! You will have to wear masks, get your temp taken (yes in our fl heat of the summer which is god awful by july add mask you could pass out before you get in) and you must call a # we will all get and receive sp tickets first come first serve! Though once again this is thought #1 they are however thinking out all options bc though they want to reopen they probably as well as cm can agree and us guests list on one hand how many lawsuits might pop up! I think it be wiser to say stay 6ft wear a mask voluntary esp in our heat and go about your time remember hand sanitizer! I mean the first person to say they got sick there we are already starting over! So i hope people are thinking lives over almighty $$$ but you just never know w disney! I just thought i would share. I know its not much but at least its news of what we might be up against at first.

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