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Disneyland Changes


  1. Janie

    And dl might reopen way before wdw for the fact they are smaller and less needs to get checked and ran before opening! If your thinking either side is opening before august though your nuts because cms been told august here in dl! And before you call bs on me i am one! Your all so quick to pull that here on comments and forget this is a fansite they know just as much as you! Then go and call bs on people like me or davis etc that are cms and sad enough more so for davis hes been ride out in wdw so have more respect!

    1. Davis

      Thank you for the shout out! I been told since i past out not to return till august! I can only assume thats when parks reopen! Right at this moment i havent seen many ride tests heard they are happening but so far i seen monorails skyride and construction btw tron is coming along and sse is closed till 50th! And remy is on course if epcot opens with the construction you just never know! Remember kindness and consideration when returning we are in the same place as you and have been just as long!

  2. Mark

    Do not know how true is this unless dl is opening before wdw but wdw is not opening heard from managers whom have been called in cms are july and guests are august the earliest! I tried to make a reservation via dvc and they said i could not make a reservation for july as they will be canceling those starting next wk!
    The only thing true in this statement as we all know already most parks will not be fully open due to 6ft apart queues and some parks might not open due to capacity dhs and mk plus epcot might stay closed due to construction!

    1. Harley

      I know cms from dhs managers are in now they said they are considering options though they do not expect to be in before sept if that bc capacity will be higher by then hopefully! That or batuu TSL and Railway will only open leaving the rest of the park as queue! Btw janie my heart goes out to all cms!

    2. damion

      “january 2021 at the earliest”
      “opening in october”

      now you’re saying august at the earliest . . . . do you see how your posts are not adding any value when you guess and post it like it’s fact? let’s just wait until Disney tells us when they will open then report it.

      1. Davis

        I have been told to return to dak in august!

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    How will the parks change how rich alot the whole world changed and is acting more privileged and in bubbles and handbaskets then before!!! Your no better itm thinking your a bunch of know it alls! Deleting comments for no reason just bc we are all stating facts your not!! I am in nyc and i know more than you do!!! Lets just have patience hug a family member and truly applaud the real keeper of info the cms!

    1. Harley

      Here here rebel! And thank you!

    2. damion

      But you’re not stating facts. You’re only guessing (like several others on here) and stating it as if it is fact, when it’s not, because still NOBODY knows when the parks will open!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Actually many people know and are telling your not listening or just getting pissed bc its not what you wanted to here!

        1. damion

          But those people that say they know change their story every week, so do they really know?

      2. Janie

        I do and i should i work at dl and davis has been riding it out what have you been doing but complaining multi times!

        1. Damion

          It’s very entertaining. There’s a lot of people who have to say “I’m a cast member” or “I know people in upper management” or “I’m a DVC member” thinking that it gives them credibility when they’ve been wrong so many times before it’s hilarious! Keep it up! You’re bringing smiles to lots of faces!

  4. Patricia Swift

    I agree with what the protocol is to reopen Disney world and I am a yearly pass holder but am agreeable if it is full and I can not get in that will be fine but another day will work. I want DW do do what is best to protect our safety and health of not only us but the cast members. It will be the magical place once again soon. We just have to be patient and be safe.

  5. Kevin Conklin

    With the upcoming changes to Disney’s policies as far as the admissions and wearing masks, ride closures and the absence of parades. I will not be attending Disney for several years to come.

    1. Jackie

      This is for now not for the long hall they hope to be reopen 100% once told! But if you do not want to go enjoy your bubble!

  6. Denise

    My question is this, if you have made a plan to go to Disneyland and have reservations and get there get all settled in and get to the gate to find out it is full are you getting a full refund of not only the tickets but the hotel and gas too? How is this going to really work? You cant control the pass holders and the residence of the area pass holders and when they come no better than considering how many people are coming from all over the world to be there at any of the disney locations? I think there still has a bunch more planning stages to be had here. I am military and we purchase our tickets on the military base. How will disney know just how many tickets have been sold for the particular days.. I do not envy how this is going to work. I had a disney vacation planned just before all this started to lose it all. (Very expensive might I add) I just wish they would publish somehow how they are going to make this work. I know for a fact I dont want to put out all that money again (thousands) to get there to find out I will not be able to come in. That would be very frustrating. I cannot imagine what would happen if thousands of people get mad at once. I think I too will probably have to wait this out, but I sure hope Disney VIPs dont think that raising the price is going to help either all that is is telling us that they favor only the rich to come and that can be misconstrued as favortism. I sure hope that Disney wouldn’t want that. That isn’t what Walt was all about. Just saying

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