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  1. Angie

    We received the email retracting the free dining and giving us a discount. We are not happy. We have made secondary plans if Disney does not make this right with us. We will spend extra time at Universal, stay at Sanibel Island for a couple of days and go to SeaWorld with the Discovery Island Dolphin experience And still save over $1500 from what Disney costs. This is staying at Deluxe hotels. I have always loved Disney, but they are not treating us right.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      People are dying bc of covid and others are rioting in the street and you think you have the audacity to complain about a vacation??????? I am stuck in ny w nowhere to still go watching 3 different protests over 3 different things!!!! I can not leave the state what i give for a disney vacation but i do not want to spend in quarantine! And i can go at another time so not complaining unlike you…. You at least get to go on something i still got nothing! Think before you post so full of poor me moments! Theres alot going on right now the world is going to hell and your worried about a vacation you had to change! Wow!

      1. Robert

        It’s a WDW travel site. WTH do you think people are going to comment on. Their are atrocities going on in the world at all times. Not just during this current pandemic. So please enlighten us when it’s okay to post comments about our vacations. Your whole comment is just trying to be a dick and make someone feel bad about how their vacation is being treated. You can care about multiple things at once. Grow up.

      2. nick

        Guess what hero. People can be concerned about more than 1 thing. Being disappointed about a vacation being canceled doesn’t make one selfish.
        What you posted makes you a DB

      3. Evan

        ROB (Rebel Orange Bird)…you chastise Angie for “complaining” about a Disney vacation on a site dedicated to WDW and then go on to complain about being “stuck with nowhere to go” ;”stuck in NY”; “I still got nothing” ?? Talk about some “poor me moments”, your words not mine. Time to put your big boys pants on and suck it up. Your numerous posts on this site are often entertaining, in a perverse sort of way, but the whine meter maxed out on this one. I’m sure if you decide to respond it will rekindle to levity factor. Thanks ROB

      4. Miriam

        While Rebel sounds very arrogant in her words i agree though too many people are worried about vacations and nonsense vs looking around and seeing whats going on in the world???? I will put this in a better way and take a crap shoot that rebel meant this … people right now yes want to get back to normal but whats normal???? Whats important??? Caring about other people knowing this new normal is noone fault and lets not point fingers! Disney is doing their best!!! We are all! This is life!

        1. nick

          Congrats. 2nd dumbest post on here.

      5. Jan

        Your whole post was a poor me rant. This article was sent by Disney talking about how the re-opening of the parks is going to affect people’s reservations. You reacted very unfairly to this person. Comments on the virus and the other issues of the world do not belong here, just Disney related.

        1. Ashley G

          Excellent point.

      6. Ashley G

        Get a grip. Please.

      7. Salacious Crumb

        That’s what you get for living in a liberal state like NY.

      8. Cindy Caine

        Hey crumb right now living in fl is no better!

    2. Anonymous

      I don’t think Angie was more concerned about her vacation. The post specifically asked for comments on and from any disney guests who had lost their free dining plan on that particular subject. She was just commenting about what was asked for people to comment about.

      1. Mark

        No she litterally says “disney isnt treating us right” = complaining!

        1. argue gonna Not

          Yep I agree with Angie the 35% off is crap next to the dining plan. I don’t even get thbe honest honest, it’s conter service for us so they’re shutting a food down even after reopening, not possible.

    3. Beth

      The issue is that lots of people had free dining booked. Disney has been closed for a couple of months they’ve had no income from Park attendance. what kind of offer would you have liked Disney to make you? they would then have had to make the offer to everyone who had and lost free dining. I had a package with free dining booked as well so I feel your pain but I also understand that they can’t give all of us a free trip to make us feel better.

  2. Anonymous

    My dining plan was cancelled and we have a big family so it would’ve saved us 1400 dollars. Not quite the same as 35% off of 2 value resort rooms but I think Disney is being majorly impacted just like everything else all over the country and having to make changes they normally would never do. I think in any other circumstance disney definitely wouldn’t have taken away something that they gave to guests. Unfortunately everyone is having to make hard choices right now that are disappointing in some way to someone. At least this one is just over dining and dollars and nothing important.

  3. Josiah Donaldson

    We can lob shells back and forth at each other, but it won’t make one bit of difference. Most people are entrenched in the majority of issues facing us right now. If you believe all of this has been overblown and can quote studies done by real doctors to back you up fine. No one will probably be able to convince you otherwise. If you believe droves of people are dying of Covid everyday and that the doctors who are for eternal masking and lockdowns are clearly correct fine. No one will probably convince you otherwise. Confirmation bias is currently reigning supreme. What people want to believe they will believe.

    1. Jamie

      My best friend died from covid 21 yrs old completely healthy is that enough proof???!!!

      1. nick

        doubt it

  4. Janie


    1. Evan

      yEs Ma’aM……soRRy, couLDn’T fiGURE out WHAt to DO witH THe CAPS LOCK ?

      1. Janie

        Mocking me will get you hurt! Just ask my teenagers whom are locked in their room! I have the right to yell N be upset!

        1. Evan

          Okay Mom ( aka Janie), here’s a virtual Dole Whip Froscatos for you. Made with vodka and Moscato wine, the ultimate sweet and boozy treat used to help ease Mom’s back the edge. Go to Disney Springs for a refill.

          And for ROB, (Rebel Orange Bird) we have a virtual Frosty Pineapple. It may make living in NY more bearable (pun credited to the Hoop Dee Do Show). Dole Whip with Captain Morgan Reserve rum from the Barefoot Pool Bar at Polynesian. If you don’t like rum, trade with Janie (aka Mom) above.

    2. Janie

      Sorry i need a vacation or just to get back into the military! Evan i am sorry i will check out those suggests i work DL dole whip and alcohol never go together! ? (smile on sarcasm). Rebel just is in the middle of ny and is getting anxious i think the world is! Its like harley use to say when does this all become mental problem! I am truthfully sorry!

  5. Melanie Durham


  6. Jen

    Kelly-I think you and your fellow writers on ITM should not open up for comments. You talk Disney-others use it as a soap box and are just hateful. Close it down if you can.

  7. Miriam

    A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. – proverbs

  8. argue gonna Not

    Yep, I agree with Angie the 35% off is crap next to the dining plan. I don’t even get the dining cancellation to be honest, it’s counter service for us so they’re shutting food down even after reopening, not possible. People will still need to eat so why take counter service dining plan away too!? FYI- 2nd time we rebooked and not willing to do the 3rd with this toss up. My Ma will want to rebook yet again and cause I love her we probably wilI the 3rd time, may sound selfish but it was asked how I felt. I work front line this was my bit of normal to concentrate on..lol (sarcasm peeps). not anymore.

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