Comments for Disney World to Manage Capacity by Limiting Annual Passholder Access


  1. Davis

    To anyone whose going this is unfair… WDW started its days w booklets of tickets no park hopping not much the way of AP! To second about reservations or park hours or the like if:
    Do ever go before technology???
    This was the way it was for us in the 80s and 90s!
    No dining reservations at many places first come first serve…. or you waited at guest relations. I remember many a day (know i am not alone) waiting after sse watching pixeled versions of the rides so my parents could make a reservation… there was no direct # from hotels for it either!
    We ALL waited in queue TOGETHER and you still spent the day at the park and saw everything no need for fp or emh! Hours were limited so fireworks sometimes never went off nor parades thats how it was there were really off seasons w these new schedule times being so close to that. Shows varied bc they were only a handful oh and everyone preformed it wasn’t mostly mic in like now you knew ent had talent! This was my youth this was my disney! And tech just ruined it not made it better! Do not believe me ask everyone whom still calls dining or goes wo fp bc the app stinks oh and guess what ….. still lasts a whole day at the parks!

    1. Mark

      No one but you remember this davis F off! And go be w your “daughter” whose “dying”!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Mark are you serious with that comment? Even the people whom have negative things to say would never go that far! What is wrong have we all gone a little too stircrazy!? And your in fl i am from nyc and i am not as bad as you all in fl!

        1. Amber Johannesen

          Not everyone in Florida acts like that idiot

        2. mel

          Get over it..this is the way it is for awhile..don’t like it…don’t go! As for the rest of us..yay!! We get to go back to WDW!!

      2. Jed Goldberg

        Mark is a douche-nozzle

        1. Kevin

          We’re probably going to let our annual passes lapse until they remove this restriction. We understand it but it’s just not worth that level of effort when we’re paying a small fortune already for annual passes. We’ll just get regular passes in the meantime

          1. Jeff

            Paying a “small fortune”…lol. is that anything like the over $8000 people staying at the resort are passing for a family of 4 in one room? Asking for a friend.

    2. Rosie

      Its like olaf says advancement in tech is both our savior and our doom!

    3. connie

      I remember those days. Would go back in a heart beat if I didn’t have to make schedule our trips down to the second. You could drive up to a resort and walk in and lunch. Now your lucky if you can get a reservation 6 months in advance.

      1. Janie

        Omg who was it here whom said once i think it was harley loved sci fi family loves b movies going since beginning… back in the day called night before no problem ..
        last time i hope your sitting… she had to call in for sci fi i think she said 1.5 yrs in advance!!! Thats nuts to think of really! I get its a top restaurant now but thats beyond crazy! I also last time i can over 2 yrs if i wanted floor for luau and i called in on cm # from DL!

    4. Doug

      Reservation wise this is much better way
      Get their early and get a lunch/ dinner reservation, Horrible system now with 2 month lead time.

    5. You didn’t pay $ 2500 for a pair of tickets back then, either. There’s a word for an entity that takes your money and refuses to provide services for that money. If you’re comfortable with fraud because 1971, well, I wish you well.

  2. Amanda

    Yes I’ll be going for sure!!! Trying anyway. My thought is I’m thankful for the tech because otherwise the parks probably wouldn’t be able to open at all as there would be no good way to manage capacity. This has made opening faster and easier.

  3. Cindy Caine

    And this universal is one up disney bc they are letting people come in esp their annuals! But are limiting gate entry.

  4. Kelly Connerton

    I paid for no blackout dates and unlimited access. Do I get refunded for that. With no parades, fireworks, limited food access, no meet and greets wit hmmmmmm Disney characters. No fast pass, is disney going to continue the same prices.? Disney us expensive to begin with, how about you die hard few go and j wi just wait when things are back to what I paid for.

    1. Davis

      Ok but if your a die hard you remember the good ol days per my example above and on off seasons NONE of those things happen and characters just showed up there was never a specific meet and greet space! Does not sound like a die hard fan to me sounds like someone whose pissed at ent! Ent works on Equity terms not Disney and Equity from my knowledge (sure rebel whom knows broadway could attest) are going to strike! I know though from security that ent at dak was told to stay home! But again thats dak and for NOW!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        They are still in talks if the gov of nyc does not give into their terms and still calls em useless their will be strikes and protests just another to happen in the city these days are full are all types of crazy! But yes i know ent friend whom work at wdw whom are home here they are being told to stay unless they are considered vital character etc. Shows etc are tbd! But also if they are here they can not leave anyway. I agree what you said a die hard would know these things… you could have said it nicer but i know at least from your post you mind is elsewhere!

  5. Was pass holder. Full price for reduced benefits.?? Hours and activities reduced 50%, so should ticket prices!!!

  6. Bob Diepold

    I will try and go in the fall just so I can get my money’s worth of my annual pass. After that, I will probably not renew. They have already increased the price quite a bit if you have annual pass (non Florida resident) and now the parks will not be worth it. No parades and fireworks which is part of the “magic” to me with going to Disney. Now even with supporting Disney year round with annual pass, I have to make a reservation. Nothing like treating your biggest supporters like they don’t matter. How are they going to handle bus transportation? Are they only going to take people that can sit on the bus? What are they going to do now with attractions that have 3-D glasses? Can’t imagine them handing them out in the situation now with coronavirus.

    1. Davis

      3-D glasses at mania where sanitized and brought new ones out every hr once gone through the cleaning machine. No worries that was being handle well even before this… the bus thing is def going to be a problem but hopefully i pray we get back to normal before a major season hits! With lodging not opening at 100% capacity and parks needing codes to get in i bet will help the bus issue or for my fellow security guards its another position watch and patrol the buses! You never know!

  7. This is absolutely ridiculous to block Annual Passholders. I’ll be darn if we will pay big bucks to Fly to Orlando, pay for Rental Car, and Hotel Room to be told we can’t enter the Parks.
    Why be a Passholder at this time. If we want to sit in a room we can do that at home.
    Then you have people that come once in a while and they get better treated then the dedicated people.

    1. Janie

      Because people are dying and this was just a proposal given to desantis! These are not set in stone rules we are talking about July! I heard i can not tell you how many dates pass to me from managers i know at DL and we are still up in the air at least you have a date!!!! Go or do not just stop complaining about Disney wanting to keep you and everyone safe these are the conditions! No one is forcing you to show up! But if you want to go theres a limited capacity ALL states are only on level 1! This does not leave room for error in %%% of capacity limits!!!! Disney is not here to please everyone it be extremely hard so have patience if not just go cry in your bubble your not the only AP some of us can follow rules!

      1. James

        Most States are not at level 1. Most states are at level 2, with a lot of states moving into level three now. Make sure you know your facts before you post inaccurate information.

  8. Steph

    I am beyond angry about this. I am a passholder that resides waaayyy out of state. We got the pass because we were going to go three times… November last year, April and October. The pass made the most financial sense. April got canceled and we lost $$ on our Vrbo. October we decided to stay at Pop because we were worried about not being able to get into the park staying off site. Now they are saying that passholders can only have a limited number of park reservations at any given time. Let’s say that number is 2 (no idea really) if I’m staying on site for a week but can only get in two days then I’m going to be furious. I pay for the top pass because I like hopping, water parks, max pass (which I’ve also heard is going) and no blackout days. Will they reimburse us?? No we just paid top dollar for a limited pass that doesn’t give us anything but a kick in the butt.

    1. Lydia

      We barely know here in fl if july is going to hold! But by oct who knows what the situation will be???? Its up in the air still! My post right below yours is what AP # assoc told me?

  9. Lydia

    Well i do not know how much this is true as i just after being on hold for 45mins spoke to my vip ap agent and was told they have not officially and directly been approved! Its also about timing all these new regulations are hypothetical meaning by july could change! Right now they are looking at hey this worked at springs maybe it could work in park. Does not mean it will or they will use it. These are just things given to desantis in proposal not this is what’s happening 100% and could change. Ie. She told me tickets might have codes though by july & if at level 2 it might different. They told me and i agree without Disney offical open this is all mute still! Things could change this is our new normal and things change even in our daily lives!

  10. Bert

    I’m an annual placeholder and have been for 10 years. I love being able to go whenever I want. That’s why we buy the pass with no blackout dates. If I try to make a reservation in their new system and I’m rejected, I better be compensated monitarily.

    1. Mark

      Your compensation is you can go when you want aka when the nuttiness is over like the of us sensible

  11. Meema

    I remember those days – spur of the moment trips still worked! Now those planning vaca’s fill everything for a year or more. Then when they get to the parks, we hear “oh God, it’s too hot” or “they don’t do things like this where we live!” Not only are they hogging the parks, they treat the casts like their own personal servant, all the while watching Little Jimmy or Suzy climbing on things that say “no climbing, risk of injury”. Maybe if there were limited reservations, and no fast passes, these people would leave the parks to the ones of us that truly appreciate what Disney has to offer, no frills. I’m all for going back to tickets for rides – either paper or digital. Thank you Disney, for common sense opening!

  12. Randy

    So, is everybody happy!!

    So much complaining; it’s all about me…

    This is world-wide health pandemic, and travelers from all over come to Orlando Parks…

    Maybe, just maybe mind you, there could be a risk that could carry pandemic germs to all parts as people return home after their visit.

    Perhaps caution is required…??


  13. shirley

    Ok so i am a platinum passholder. For 5 years. Now we are limited to when we can go there for i should not have to pay my full amount every month. Don’t feel I should pay for something in full if I cannot use in full

  14. Deborah Brooks-Smith

    Stop complaining. It is what it is go or don’t go. It’s the way of the world today. Our Family is going to wait till things are back to normal whatever that may be or when it maybe. Just be patient it will happen. We come from Kentucky an will wait till all this crazy stuff settles down. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we will get there. SOON!!!!!

  15. Tisa

    Sorry that you AP holders are being limited but what about those who don’t live local? What about the people who pledge thousands of dollars to go on Vacation? I don’t think we should be pushed aside for you all. You can visit any day you want to compared to me who lives 1200 miles away. This will pass as long as people do their part and don’t become the problem. Relax and breathe

    1. Rebel Porg

      Hate to break it to ya sweetie but no one is getting in at first but AP they told me that and we have 2 wks to get the rest of the yr secure! No hotels but dvc are opening either! They said all hotels are canceled till futher notice but dvc that was the lastest report!

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