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disney face coverings age requirement


  1. Expecting a two year old to wear a mask is insane. States with the toughest restrictions do not expect their citizens to put masks on toddlers. All the regulations that Disney is putting on guests (no dining plans, dining reservations, no fast pass, no fast pass plus, no events, no magic hours, reservations to go into parks) is discouraging people from people from coming. They have reached the height of regulating guests by expecting them to put mask on 2 year olds. Say it Disney, you don’t want us to come.

  2. Face masks for two year olds
    Has someone thought this through? Disney has removed all the magic–no events, no magic hours, no meal plans, no meal reservations, reservations to go into a park, no tours, no parades, no shows, no fireworks. Say it Disney, you don’t want people to come. Are your expensive vacations discounted now, because we will only get a pale version of vacations gone by?

  3. Davis

    Face masks in our heat has anyone thought this through i mean even the state is not mandatory probably for this reason… understand saftey so please do not call me an idiot but as someone whose past out and have many others i know in hosp or just getting tired of working w masks already and sympathize w guests …. this is getting nuts! What 2 yr old is going to get the mask and why to wear it i have a child whose in a wc her whole life and took a turn for the worse while i was ride out crew and she is 9 and barely knows whats going on and why in her life! And all i want to do is cry! I hold back tears when i hear about parents struggling w older kids about them forget little ones whom might think something new to play with! And do not call me or anyone else a bad parent i get its safety i get theres a virus and now kids are sick and dying but you do not know my situation and i do not know yours or how hard it is in general to come w a family w kids let alone these extremes! No one wants to have a heart i mean your planning on opening in july which is the hottest time of the yr its literally the middle of our heat last yr our heat index at times in july reached 115… 115!!!!! And that stated till maybe oct/nov like always!!! Just wish someone thought all this through honestly as a security person your making our job that much harder!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      I was just about to say came down in july last yr the day i went to epcot i was ready to pass out till the rain came.. it was 120 i thought i was seeing something but i wasnt! Thats nuts! And you nor anyone whom has a kid are only concerned for their wellbeing… btw your right up here in nyc its mandatory and you should see the kids playing w them its a game to them and its not the parents fault!

  4. Nick

    The bigger joke than their mask requirement is the people who defend it.

    On a 2 year old???? So glad I canceled my stay today. I’m going to the beach.

  5. Sue

    Ok this is. It going to work 2 years and old. Are you kidding me. What about a child with special needs. That doesn’t want anything around there face or head. Like. 2 year old they will not keep them on I’m a annual pass hold and live right here we’ll I guess I will be saving my 2400 dollars bc I will not go. I want to see how many people will be walking around with a face mask down Main Street or Epcot without eating or drinking something and as far a cast members watching. They don’t care they never did. You see people walking all the time smoking or vaping they do t say anything. It’s crazy.

  6. Kelsie

    I think they did this so more people would stay away and it won’t be a mob scene at the gate to get in with limited capacity. Just let the people who can Go go, keep the company alive, and the people who can’t/don’t want to come later. Easy peasy. I’ll go and wear a mask for you guys because I’m a healthy young adult and spend some money to make sure disney is there for you for years to come. What can I say except you’re welcome? 😉

  7. Betsy

    There is no law that says anyone has to go to Disney. It is not a right. It is a choice. You have the choice to go and to not go. Disney is a business. They have to make money. If they are closed, the parks do not make money. They were certainly not going to stay closed because the summer is hot. The heat is not new. If Disney chose to stay closed until after the summer, you’d complain about that too. Yes, the masks are new. They are temporary. This will not last forever. Try to see beyond your selfishness and look at the bigger picture as to why masks are in our lives right now – a highly infectious virus that has killed a lot of people in a relatively short time and made even more sick. If you want to continue to whine about this, which I’m sure you will do for ever moment that you are within the gates, stay at home. Because no cast member, who will be wearing a mask – just so you can have the choice to come to Disney – is going to want to deal with or make magic for those who feel entitled to be there.

  8. I agree. I think Disney is regulating to the point of discouraging. It helps keep the numbers down without them having the unpleasant task of saying to non residents “we prefer you don’t come. Disney just say: “ we are opening up to Florida residents first.”

  9. Rosie

    Disney is opening in july no one not even disney knows what they will do by then! Its a proposal for JULY!!!!! Things change daily… and to anyone saying masks are not mandatory in fl it depends on where you or and what your doing! I am going back to church this sunday and MUST WEAR a face covering. But thats the thing no one is getting it those complain about masks can’t you make your own or wear different material all they are asking is something covering your face! I would be very surprised if you needed to take it down for a reason or another to breathe or say take a drink of water you really be looked down upon… common sense! And the in the water thing i agree w too you can not expect people to swim but once sitting on deck or walking around then its a different story. I do not need to wear it at my community pool why disney?? But if i am sitting outside or around the clubhouse bc you just never know i wear one! The only way i see this getting ? Is if your medically unable to but then bring a dr note simple enough but still have something jic…. again common sense

  10. Rebel Porg

    I heard this is in the process of changing as is if you can not medically wear one! I called disney and they said they are looking into figure out the right way to handle it bc they have ran into issues w it!

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