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  1. Janie

    Question is will they continue to extend aps whom feel like they rather wait till the right time to go back as we are not all going to get in like we normally would???

    1. Ashley G

      That is a great question. We currently have a trip scheduled for July 11 – 16. (That was purely coincidental. We had trip planned months before the opening date of July 11 was announced). We are annual passholders. But if we’re told that we can’t get into any of the parks during our upcoming trip, how would that be fair to NOT extend our annual passes even further? Because even though the parks may technically be open, they would not be open to us (if we were told that unfortunately, because of crowd size limit, we didn’t make the “cut” to get into the parks.

  2. Jamie

    No one i know of is in a rush back to the parks so extending annuals would be great its funny we pay the most even in fl and we never get a break?

  3. Louis

    Some off my family members had date specific for August and they have been changed to expire 9/26/21 and say valid for any 9 days during this period.

    1. Krista Hennessy

      I am in New Jersey and had tickets for August 22 for seven days. They changed the expiration to September 2021. I called them and explained that I have airline and lodging reservations already paid for (off park), so could I have the dates changed back? Long story short – the answer is “no”.

      1. Rosie

        Your not going to be let into the state no one from ny ct nj and nola are! Are any of you going to get that!!! We do not need to be like you keep your epicenter deaths in your bubble please!!!

  4. David

    I just check and mine and all four 4-Park Magic Ticket expirations have been extended to 9/26/2021

  5. Jen

    My tickets were also changed to expire 9/2021. They orginally said 12/2020. I live in Pennsylvania

  6. Sandi

    We’re from Canada & were to go in May 2020, rebooked for Sept 2020. Would tickets have now also been extended to Sept 26, 2021

  7. Terra

    Also from Canada with a May 2020 vacation booked. Has changed our tickets to September and they now expire September 2021.

  8. Roger

    Yes, we are booked for first week of December 2020, but after checking our tickets the expiration date has been changed to 9/20/2021

  9. Bebe Yo

    We have printed tickets issued to us from when my partner was a cast member. Any idea if there’s going to be an extension on those?

    1. Davis

      Are you talking about comp tickets it all depends… if they are needing to see your partners id then they expired when your partner left! I think comps are ok though….

  10. Ed

    I live in Missouri, and we too had ours extended into Sept 2021. We had planned to go for my daughter’s spring break, which would have been the week of March 16. Talk about bad timing. We missed by just a few days. Anyway, we rescheduled before the announcement came to go in Late July. Now I worry that this means I’ll have to push back yet again. Thankfully, Southwest and the hotel we chose are very accommodating.

  11. Mark

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