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Disney Releases Statement; Encourages July Bookings

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    Well thats all well and good but we arent at the right levels to open they have their own levels which will not be done by july and cms are being told august which will help all of us out whom have kids that need to go back to school bc school is essential my job at disney is not!

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    I am secuirty and can tell you there are no guest relations folks are at the parks! No one is at the parks but ride out and now matience whose testing attractions. Construction came back too to work on epcot! Thats it!!!! CMs are being told Aug! Please stop passing around misdirected info! Fansites are as gullible as guests w info! Please have patience bc disney is going nowhere! And we might go back into lockdown if anyone makes another wrong move at least thats what desantis said on the news!

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      Barbara Richards

      Thank you from the inside. I looked at booking for the Boardwalk out of curiousity and it shows “temporarily closed until July 30, 2020.” You can’t get any clearer than that. Disney won’t even move closer to opening until August. I PRE ordered masks through an email that Disney sent me weeks ago. They won’t ship until mid July. It’s obvious to me that they wouldn’t open until the masks are shipped so it makes perfect sense that their target date is August. Maybe.

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    Is there a reason my comment didnt post???

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      Darth Asking

      ITM keeps removing or not posting comments and then not telling anybody why.

      You can follow the rules, not bully, not name call, not curse, remain family friendly, and they’ll still delete your message without a reason.

      Once again I ask ANYBODY at ITM to please respond to this.

      I ask ANYBODY who posts messages to start asking ITM to respond to this problem. It is confusing/irksome to spend time on a thoughtful comment only to have it deleted.

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        Rebel Orange Bird

        Darth we are all in the same boat! Comments are comments then do not have a comment section!

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    It’s very difficult to justify the cost of a Disney trip when you cannot have the full experience. My kids want to get there pictures with characters and their autographs. We want to see the parades and fireworks. Those are the things you pay for besides the rides. That’s the Disney experience. Unless there is a price cut (which there most likely won’t be), we will wait until things are closer to normal even if that takes 2 years.

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      Rebel Orange Bird

      Its very hard to justify any trip out of state without full parks open knowing some attractions due to queue structure and parks due to orgin capacity might not open! Forget the whole mask temp thing i think is insane and i am from ny! But then again it doesnt get to 115 in the shade here in ny either like fl!

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    As a pass holder who cannot wear a mask, I’ve asked for a partial refund, plus there’s no date in sight, they continue to cancel my dining and fast passes. Disney wouldn’t refund my pass, only offered to note it on my account. It’s unacceptable to pay for a service and receive none. It’s extremely unethical and I promise you I will not be renewing!

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