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Magic Kingdom

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  1. Barbara Richards

    I have reservations at my home Resort, Old Key West, for May 17th and I have yet to receive a cancellation.

    1. You will, I promise. Disney cannot possibly be open in that short of time. Cast members need to be called back AND trained. I would put a deposit on another date further out. My reservation is for June 16th, and I doubt they will be open then, so I booked one in August, then October. I can cancel them if it does open, but it’s peace of mind. I’m certain as soon as they open there will be a rush for reservations.

      1. Mark

        My manager friends said vital cms will go first and come in to help and get a brief refresh as they been there the longest and it will be like old hat… others will retrain completely and be on 30 day trial! But thats after 4-5 other stages that might take months and thats before guests!

        1. aaron

          your manger “friend” doesn’t know anything yet. June 1st my clown friend

      2. Jackie

        Lets see arron whom seems full of himself and just waited to comment something negative or…
        Harley whom knows cms, Mark whose been management and is retired and knows uppers, Janie also cm and Davis whom there w ride out security …. i dont know about anyone else but i am def not trusting out of that lot!

    2. Harley

      Well i got cancdled for june at dvc check the site they cancelled those dates… your pts will stay in a hold till june/july when they will completely return them thats what they told us! Fl is closed to visitors unless you want to be in quaritine before vacation! And we are only at level 1 for now level 3 is months out!

      1. Harley

        Ps. Jackie while i appreciate the above statement you trust me i do not know how vskid it is coming from some one whose put down my son and called him gay bc he likes princesses etc.

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