Comments for This Just In: Approximately 200 Disney Wonder Crew Members Have Tested Positive

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Credit: Disney


  1. Justin

    I was on that cruise, at no point did I ever hear captain Henry ever make such announcement. He often commented that if you felt sick to go to the medical center. He would also comment how far above the sea floor we were and we wouldn’t be visiting it today. And Ashley would announce all the hard work the crew was putting in to keep us happy and safe… and the situation was fluid. It would have been the talk of the ship if an announcement was made and we would have been sealed in our rooms.

  2. Anonymous

    So what?! How many actually got sick? This virus has a 99+%full recovery rate. Stop the scare tactics and let cruise ships get back to work!!

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Just curious, but how many people are you okay with dying before you get inconvenienced? Having a “99+%” recovery rate means that some people have to die. I just want to know what your number is.

    2. Barry Moss

      In the United States, the case fatality rate is around 6% (94,276 dead out of 1,590,000 cases as of May 21), so perhaps you should reconsider your false stats and your lack of concern for the lives of your fellow passengers and the people employed to make your vacation pleasant?

      Incidentally, not dying doesn’t necessarily mean fulling recovered. There are many people that the virus does kill who suffer permanent damage to their lungs and other organs (particularly kidney and heart).

  3. Jen

    This is very old news. Why post it now?

    1. Sharon

      Wondered about this. When were the 200 tests one and what is the current status?

    2. Bonnie

      I wish all the crew on the Wonder to stay healthy. I miss all of you. Hope to see you in the near future.

  4. Denise B.

    …and how many of them also got the flu? If they reported on the flu like they do with this virus, people would be building bomb shelters. Stop buying into the perpetuated fear-mongering.

    1. Cd

      I agree 100%…Amen! At some.point we need to make our own decisions…if your not comfortable done book…but allow others to make their own decisions…look we are booked for a disney cruise in sept..I’m still not totally sure were going if it does sail..but that should be our decisuon… those with compromised promised systems should.not go…my hy opinon.

  5. Brandon

    Are they sick? Or did they just test positive? That’s 2 totally different things.
    As a majority of people you test positive are asymptomatic.

  6. Bonnie

    I wish all the crew on the Wonder to stay healthy. I miss all of you. Hope to see you in the near future.

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