William Sonoma Preps “Star Wars” Fans for May the 4th be With You!

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William Sonoma Star Wars

Credit: William Sonoma

So, what’s the next Disney holiday coming up?  May the Fourth be With You!  May 4, 2020 is coming up in a couple short weeks.  Since we aren’t able to hang out in the Disney Parks celebrating Star Wars like we usually would be, it’s a great time to start preparing how we’re going to celebrate!  Let the ideas and creativity start flowing because only good things can come from that.  The Force is with you after all.

It’s time for an at-home May the Fourth be With You party!  For any party, home or not, you’re going to need food.  Cooking and creating your own recipes adds more even more excitement to your party.  And William Sonoma has got you covered with all your Star Wars kitchen needs!

Star Wars Ice Pop Molds

These are awesome for a backyard picnic especially with everyone’s weather hopefully warmed up by the beginning of May.  For $24.95, you can purchase Star Wars Ice Pop Molds.  They’re hilariously cute because, look at the pink storm trooper!!  In a way, they look like lightsabers too, Star Wars character shaped lightsabers with the different colors.  What’s your color?

Star Wars Ice Pops
Credit: William Sonoma

Star Wars Ice Molds

In my mind, this one’s for the adults and our adult beverage glasses.  We need to keep those drinks cold and these are a very fun way to do that.  They come in shapes like the Death Star, BB-8, Storm Troopers, and Darth Vader.  But the kids don’t need to be left out, because this works perfectly for juice as well.  You can grab the Star Wars Ice Molds, some packages with or without glasses for a varied range of  $21.95-69.95.

Star Wars Ice Mold
Credit: William Sonoma

Star Wars Water Bottle

If you’re planning on having your celebration outside, it might be safer to have those drinks in a bottle.  You just never know when you’re having fun.  It could get a little slippery so these are perfect at $29.95 each!  The stainless steel in the Star Wars Water Bottles creates great insulation that will keep your drinks cold without needing the ice.  Just don’t get your bottles mixed up with the kids!

Star Wars Water Bottles
Credit: William Sonoma

Star Wars Spatulas

Everyone’s baking these days and there will be Star Wars cakes left and right with this holiday rolls around.  Cakes are definitely not easy to make if you’re a beginning baker, which I’m sure is why many of us buy our cakes from bakeries most of the time.  Maybe if we use these Star Wars Spatulas, the Force will be with us long enough to make our cakes turn out the way they’re supposed to.  This set of four comes at a price of $64.95.

Star Wars Spatula
Credit: William Sonoma

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

If cakes aren’t your thing, cookies are little bit easier!  We can’t guarantee that the mess will be any less, actually it might be more of a mess since some cookies require you to get your hands a little dirty, but these cookie cutters will make for great desserts and decor!  This Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set runs for $29.95.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Credit: William Sonoma

If you need meal type foods, check out these Star Wars Instant Pots.  You can just pop all the food in there to cook while you’re making all the sweets!  I know sometimes we wish that the sweet treats had an instant pot mode ,too.

No matter what you choose to do, have fun with it!  We’ll have exciting things to look forward to hopefully by next year’s May the Fourth be With You: the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel.  And when you’re having a good time, you know what Darth Vader would say?  “The force is strong with this one.”

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