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Walt's retirement home


  1. Mark

    This looks like christine and tarek got to it on flip or flop before they put it on the market… its way too new and nothing screams walt use to live here! It just looks like another overly expensive house in cali… the pool is just normal i am sure disney would have had a mickey shaped pool… where did that concept come from the air the dvc people had to have gotten it from somewhere!?

  2. Joseph

    The story is incorrect and the house in question was NOT Walt and Lillian’s home and they never lived there. The house belonged to WED Enterprises and was used as a corporate retreat/perk for WED employees who had the ability to rent the house. Walt and Lilly has there own home at nearby Smoke Tree Ranch. Unfortunately realtors continue to perpetuate the lie that this house belonged to Walt and Lilly. We would appreciate you clarifying this point or removing this story completely. Thank you

    1. Jayson

      that not Ture I was there with Lillian and Brad and Michelle and Victoria in the late 80s the house had carpet then that kind matched the wall

  3. Tom

    You could buy a lot nicer home in the Palm Springs area for a lot less than the 1,095,000 they are asking for this place..Look like it needs a lot of work to get it updated too…

  4. Diana

    Love it. Its beautiful

  5. This is UNBELIEVABLE I have always known that would be Walt Disney’s place. IT’S my DREAM HOME and my vision to have. This is so COOL, My personal Inspirational Hero of mine

  6. Carol Long

    Wish I had some money just laying around

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