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Universal Hollywood

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  1. Mark

    This is really sad but proves uni ent over disney ent! Equity would stood by these folks! Its insane hhn actors on both sides get constantly hurt and no one cares! They signed up to scare people not to be beaten up or hospitalized! My friend worked HOS and its worse there bc they have limited boo holes and they are just there as she was in front of guests! Tg the most she got was smacked in the head w the plastic stripes transition scenes and cursed at oh no wait…. she was licked and someone asked her to marry him exposed so nevermind and she was told nothing they could do too! Its really sad!

    1. Harley

      You have it wrong besides the plastic transitions hit me bc i use to chase after people still yelling it was my own stupid fault! But alot of rude drunks forgot i was a character and would see me on break or after and i honestly thought a few were going to follow me home so i told security they told the sheriff to be on high alert… bc unlike hhn some hos cast have to park in guest lots! Second the dude attempted to ask me out first… didnt think anything of it bc he was like this lost surfer dude type so i figured he was on vacation or hes drunk! He came back 4 to 5 times in the end it got comical and almost endearing until he came through naked got down on one knee and proposed! I grab his jacket he happen to leave in the corner and happily escorted him out to be arrested! He actually stalked the facebook pg for a while after trying to find me.

      1. Jackie

        Harley, these people in this article all scareactors in general its insane the conditions you work under! And for managers or uni or even gardens to not care and say you signed up for this is there arent enough words!

  2. Davis

    That was me harley it was very immature of me i hope you could forgive me!

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