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Universal Walt Disney World Construction


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    Ronald Stout

    I think they should have continued construction while the parks were closed they could have moved along at a rapid pace working during the day with no people around I hope they open soon,and as far as universal goes they can build 10 parks and will never compare to disney.

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      Julie Miller

      I applaud Disney for being reasonable. Care about their workers and family in long run. Pray all returns soon. God bless!

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        Olga Lopez-Serrano

        I think that Disney has always cared for their staff and all of their visitors.
        Love to go to Disney

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        Reasonable? Stopping construction and causing lay offs in those companies isn’t reasonable.

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    Cindy Caine

    Because disney is spastic! Now epcot will never get done by 50! At least we can still go to HHN!

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      Rebel Ravenclaw

      Your the only fan of HHN that hasnt resolved to it being moved to 2021 arent you?

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    If construction can not be achieved by working no closer than 2meters apart and Disney doesn’t feel they can control that, then they are right to stop. This virus doesn’t care who it infects and will only get worse if people don’t stay indoors. We’ve waited for rides and themed lands before and we can all wait a bit longer still.

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      To you pt matt proves masks dont do squat to protect you bc you know construction people wear em!

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    Michelle D

    From the overhead images, it appears the Universal construction staff can’t maintain a distance of 2 meters / 6 feet. So, I’m going with Disney did the right thing here. While I would have wanted to be able to return to a completed castle and Tron ride, I much prefer that the virus does not spread.

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      Tron isnt able to open till the 50th anyways its the rest of Epcot thats the issue but I still think they could have gotten minor stuff done like what could be done from home like rehabs etc and maybe they are doing that silly to let it all go ??? But no new work! Cindy is right they are thinking money and HHN not about their wrkers but i also agree w Mark masks obviously do not work besides construction halting for obvious reasons drs and nurses are still getting sick!

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    Should of kept going. If universal can get things done in record time (and they’ve proven this time and again) so can Disney. Time for me to make a switch!

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    King Dave

    I think this is good that Universal is doing this. Once they’re up to date. They can also refurbish and maintenance on some of the rides like Cat in the Hat, Jurassic Park River Adventure (cause those animatronics needs some refurbishment), King Kong, and others.

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    Random dude

    Disney closed everything as fast as they could to save the bad pr if deaths were to be linked to them and to protect people. They did the right thing they could think of at the time. Insiders In corporate are saying they don’t see opening the parks at least until Jan 2021 with a large reduced capacity. Plans are being made to price models for park tickets and staffing. Few people but higher prices could work as people could enjoy the parks more instead of standing in line for 8 hours of the day during a park visit. The parks are money printers and they want to be open as soon as safe but a world wide attraction like Disney is going to take some time. They won’t see the out of country visitors for years like they were seeing. The ceo iger is coming back witch is going to give the company a big boost. He built Disney up and will keep it up there.

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      Rebel Porg

      Yep and by the time jan rolls around or whatever the date this will all be mute and life would have moved on by now!

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    Comcast, the owner of NBC Universal, has a diverse portfolio of companies that are not all impacted by COVID-19. Disney’s impact is far more impactful of their bottom line. Parks and Resorts was the leading profit engine. Disney had to make more severe cuts to stop the hemorrhaging.

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      Disney do the right thing, they care for their cast members and their families universal only care for money how they can make more and pay a little money and hours to their employees

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        Wow Haydee …. You aren’t that bright. Tell that to the unemployed cast members who lost jobs. Oh don’t forget the secured bonuses for Disney executives in July. At least Universal was able to hold onto it’s employees longer. Disney is the money hungry machine charge $5 for a bottle of water.

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          God its so anoying that no matter what disney does they are wrong and “evil”. First they were bad for not closing fast enough and alowing the big crowds even thou they closed at the same time as Universal just gave a warning so that people would not waste money flying down the day the park closed.

          Then they were evil for ending college program to fast instead of keeping giving 1,000s of people free housing and pay checks till this ended(dispite no company in the world doing all that)

          Then they were evil for both furloughing employees to soon and not soon enough(conufion on why they were evil caused by people that dont understand what a furlough actually means but we have to hate disney)

          Then evil for not anounceing extending the clouser sooner.
          Now evil for not haveing constuction being done wich is stoped for the very same reason the parks are closed so its stupid to want parks closed longer and have construction workers there those things are oposite.

          Disney will be called evil if they open one day befor or one day after universal. And if they open the same day you idiots will say that disney is copying universal so thats why theybare evil.

          Just admit your biased against disney. Anyone that likes both parks or hates both parks can see your just being an idiot.

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          Dude the parks are closed no one is working. So no one was getting paid.
          Thus putting them on furlogh actually made it easier for them to get money right now and they still have the job when things go back

          But no disney has to be evil in your eyes no matter what they do

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        Universal fired cms besides furloughing them all disney cms are furloughed and still have jobs! All theme parks are money hungry welcome to the real world Dave! If they really cared about their guests and cms more than disney cms guess what attractions would still be open on those people would have jobs when disney closes something they cross train and keep the cm! And forget guest they been screwing w their charges forever i use to have both aps! Not anymore bc from out of nowhere they changed my renewal rate i had for 10 yrs and had no reason behind it and took my discounts!

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    All construction workers should not be working.

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