Tiki Imbibers Rejoice: Hard POG has arrived!

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Uh-Oa has been angered! “When you mess with Polynesia, the Tiki Gods will squeeze ya!” she says while perched upon the back wall of Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.  Uh-Oa, the divine Tiki Goddess of Disaster, originally appeared in the Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) in 1998. Her refurbished home in the tiki bar of Florida reminds us to tread carefully! While you’re working to appease the Gods, crack open a new hard seltzer laced with delicious POG juice. The Hard POG is available from the Scofflaw Brewing Company, and is a perfect grown-up taste of Adventureland.

A fizzy sip of this crispy hard seltzer (I believe White Claw seltzer restarted the spiked seltzer movement) has tons of flavors like Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava (the essential ingredients in POG juice!) but no plane ticket is required.  Some of these hard seltzer options are sugar-free, while others are simply low in calories or gluten-free. Any way you sip it, these cocktails are a fresh way to celebrate the cocktail hour that starts now! If you’re wondering what POG juice is, you can find a copycat recipe for the essential Disney breakfast beverage here.

Other Hard POG Seltzers You Can Enjoy

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Depending upon your location in the United States, you can find the Scofflaw Brewing Company Hard Seltzers (try the Peach or Black Cherry, too!) in various stores. They also have a traditionally brewed beer that’s been a southern phenomenon called Basement POG, laced with passion fruit and other tropical flavors. If Scofflaws is out of reach, there are plenty of other options to get your enchanted fix.

The Kona Brewery has a POG seltzer with a  sweet & exotic island-flavor but zero sugars! This spiked seltzer originates in Hawai’i, but has many retail offerings across the mainland, as well. It’s not a limited release, as reported by other outlets, just available in select states.

Maui Hard Seltzer has a POG, too. This “spiked sparkling water” has hints of the POG flavors, though you will find the seltzer a bit lighter (think La Croix) than the other choices.

Which Hard POG are you wanting to try first? We’re ready for an Enchanted Tiki Drink down with Sam!

in Disney, Disneyland Resort, Food, Walt Disney World

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