Stunning Pictures Of The Empty Disney Parks Radiates Magic

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Magic Kingdom

Credit: Mark Walter

Have you wondered what Disney World Orlando parks look like when no one is watching? Not even Cast Members around. Lights on, castle lit, not one Disney character, but the Disney Parks empty.

Well, the professional photographer Mark Walter knows very well what the happiest place on earth looks like when no one is around.

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Disney EPCOT
Credit: Mark Walter

The YouTube page ResortTV1 created a video showing a compilation of images of how Magic Kingdom is looking with the theme Park closed.

According to ResortTV1, the channel reached out to Mark Walter and received permission to use the photographer’s images in the video.

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The YouTube channel condensed in one sentence what you might be thinking when watching the photography:

“The parks are both hauntingly beautiful and a bit lonely simultaneously.”

Disney Magic Kingdom
Credit: Mark Walter

The colorful lights and amazingly designed buildings make the parks almost look like something entirely fictional. As if you were looking at several pictures of empty movie sets. However, it still shows the viewer that magic is classic to anything Disney.

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Disney EPCOT
Credit: Mark Walter

Walter’s photography brings that magic from the empty Magic Kingdom Park into your heart. And if you are interested in looking at more of his works or even more magical Disney Park photography, you can take a look at Walter’s Flickr page.

And, if looking at that great photography through your computer screen isn’t enough, you can purchase some Mark Walter photography over at his website. Walter sells his photographs printed as wall art, phone cases, coffee mugs, stationeries, and more. And to top it all off, the price is reasonable for high-quality Disney Park photography in your house.

To see those images in person would be a Disney fan dream!

What did you think of this Disney Park photography? How did the empty Disney Park photography make you feel? Let us know in the comments.

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