Comments for Share Your Pregnancy Announcement From Home; Disney Style!

Remember, have fun with the idea of your pregnancy announcement. Make it funny and make a statement

Credit: djjordannelson (image to the right) and thedanatate (image to the left)


  1. Harley

    Soooo precious! Congrats to all the parents enjoy your magical bundles of joy!

  2. Darth Overwhelmed

    Good golly, there’s gonna be SOOO many new babies 9 months from now.

    6 feet apart, people! 6 feet apart… AT ALL TIMES!!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      You know you do not have to follow that rule w your family right! Most people are going to go back to normal after this over you can feel free to live in your bubble (btw not going to get you back to batuu like that)!
      So God bless all these couples and take care!

      1. Harley

        Darth is obviously not a parent whom would be overjoyed and would do this and is very lonely and needs a hug!

      2. Jackie

        Congrats to the couples and darth i never can tell if your being serious or you do not have happiness in your life!?

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