Comments for Disney Suggests 2021 Opening for New Moana Attraction!

moana journey of water 2021 opening


  1. Harley

    Last time i was at epcot before all this happen and they said the center along w moana and sse were not getting opening dates before 2022/2023! Which leads me to believe epcot was behind already and theres multi projects look at space 220 it changed opening multi times! Sse is supose to be along w remy and guardians the only thing opening by 2021! Now sse might not close in time well it will close but this isnt a reg rehab that could be done like other attractions off site! I also wouldnt take posters as information the orange bird poster we all have makes it look like the character is back at mk!

    1. Mark

      If you go by any attraction merch we have a very different picture of alot harls!

      1. Harley

        Yea hattie should be in hm at wdw if its all true and little leota doesnt exsist its some other banshee reminding you to hurry back nice catch mark!

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