Comments for Kevin Smith Says New Exec Killed “Kingdom Keepers” Disney+ Series

Kingdom Keepers scrapped from Disney Plus


  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Booo 🙁 though in the light of that dumb dude whom got in a video taped like look at me i got in after hrs and no one caught me yet and a few other bright lights tried and thats the main theme i could see why? But still i enjoy the series and its sad!

  2. DY

    It could have been a great series, especially now. To bring the parks to life at night when you can’t be there during the day. Maybe someday it will still happen.

  3. Colleen

    I am soooooo disappointed. First the next book in the series was delayed by an entire year, then I read yesterday a series might happen. Now that’s not true. Come on, universe! I need some good news!!

  4. Wayne

    This could still happen. It can be a great series. I can’t see how it can have “too much Disney “ in it. But there does seem to be a bit of a trend of Marvel and Star Wars getting first dibs. That’s not a bad idea as they have produced some great material but don’t forget about where this all started

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