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Disney park rides


  1. Janie

    Jic these articles getting repeated 20x times over like they have corona we have people claiming to be park fans on a fan site that clearly are in the minority w their answer and maybe need to step away and ask themselves the ? Are they really worthy of being called disney fans… though then again it could be your age… and tj whom apparently is truly just here bc no one in their right mind likes the death trap! I am sorry its true! That or he clearly forgot the impact horizons had on everyone! Even kids whom do not know Horizons know Horizons one kid i overheard even told a cm whats it feel like to wrk at the death trap!? Though HM being consensus i doubt can dispute these answers i want to hear from REAL fans from here on out clearly I doubt i will find them here and you can yourself a fan site!

    1. Harley Chainsaw Princess

      That was my son! We are quite long live Horizons! I do agree many of these people do have age aganist them to know the real rides that made the parks but its still not right to be critical to it! Though one or 2 i just question if they are fans period or this is a job so they fake it but not the point they are free to their opinion just like we are… does that make them true park fans NO but that takes alot more than saying the love classic rides! The consensus is still a classic attraction like HM and as a mansion ghost i approve!

  2. Heyy Janie, please leave your favorite attractions and reasons why in a follow-up comment. I’d be interested to see them.

    Everyone has different opinions on what is and isn’t a great Disney attraction, that’s what is so good about the Disney fandom!

    1. Harley

      Thats what i said and my comment didnt make it up here!

  3. Cindy Caine

    Ryan i love your articles but these people could have just commented in your last article you wrote in or you could attached it to this so i see Janie pt the repeat constant of articles is getting chaotic! I know your all bored too but reading the same things every time and comments arguing same pt its getting bad as bad as the people on the universal forum that are acting like they are high on something!

    1. Harley

      That was bailee not ryan!

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