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  1. Brandon

    It’s now 4/22. I was logged in right at 10am and got all the awesome pins I needed.
    On 4/9, 4/16, and 4/22.

    But 4/22 Earth-day Pin was the final advertised special release day.

    Will there be more to come? Your article mentions that Thursday’s are their release days.
    Did you mean at the parks or at Shop Disney?


    1. Thank you, Brandon! You are so kind to follow up. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any inside knowledge about possible releases tomorrow, but I do fully expect a new set of releases around 10am. These Thursday “Parks releases” are being made at ShopDisney for the time being, so you’re in the right spot! Let’s hope they have a few more goodies for us tomorrow morning!

    2. I’ve got it!!! I found your answer Brandon!! Yes, the pin releases will continue on each Thursday UNLESS a holiday or special release occurs that week. Since Earth Day’s release came on a Wednesday, it took the place of the regular Thursday offerings. In the future, if Flag Day is on a Monday, there may be a release that day instead of the following Thursday. I’ll be there with you searching out new collectibles! ENJOY!

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