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Epcot Posters


  1. Harley

    First off i remember when poster were $35 not $90 plus the seas really now moana might sell but if they wanted to get people to buy these things they need to release Horizons and SSE!

    1. Mark

      $90 is way too much to ask people limited or not i agree the ones we all have are limited attraction posters and they were 35! Maybe horizons will come be sold out in under a min!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I think something like horizons would be saved for when parks reopen i do not know just a guess…

  2. Darth Cha-Ching

    Yeah, $90 is WAY too much to ask.

    BTW, they’re SOLD OUT.

    1. Harley

      We usually say cha ching when it comes to holidays for publix in our house or sadly w everything we are going through! Never w disney though they do not need to be charging $90 for posters!

      1. Rebel Porg

        There not sold out i got moana this morning!

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