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  1. Cindy Bretelson

    Yes I feel they should honor this my son and his family including us had a vacation planned when this pandemic happened and Disney was closed. Not only was it disappointing beyond words but horrible to cancel everything. I’m sure they would be glad to prove the child was 2 at the time. Cmon Disney this isnt the way to make up your losses.

  2. Mark

    I think there should be a kids price and juniors price other parks have em i use to manage at hershey we have 4 price ranges..
    Kids are kids till 13 yrs oldwhen they are called teens and still I find it ridiculous we are paying adult prices for them! Maybe 16-18 when they are closer to adults but not sooner!

    1. Harley

      This right here i always wondered why major theme parks never adapted to this model as others did so well… while one could say its full time vs seasonal not a good excuse to why kids arent considered kids in ticketing!? I remember when my grandma was still alive she didnt do much but she wanted to just hangout w us had to pay to get in vs in some other parks there a small fee to get in for seniors whom want to be there but arent there for rides! Them changing ticket prices is as much as a dream as much as this virus is a nightmare we will all wake up from!

  3. LG

    Do not agree at all that Disney should allow for any sort of age exception on rebooked vacations. When will this madness of expected entitlement and freebies from Disney end?

    This would be a logistical nightmare to manage. With the length of time Disney is allowing for rebookings, kids could effectively be two years older. Do this for park vacations and people will expect Disney to extend it to the Disney cruise line and Adventures by Disney.

    And what about the reverse – people would want to play it both ways – treat the child as of the age of the original bookings for pricing yet If there was some activity that required the older current age they would expect Disney to honor the current age for eligibility to participate. Can’t and shouldn’t have it both ways.

    Alcohol – do you say they were 20 when the original trip dates so can’t drink now that they are 21 on the rescheduled dates?

    DCL and Palo – 16 or 17 on original cruise date, now 18, parents might to take them to Palo when the teens would not have qualified on the original cruise date.

    It would never end….

    Disney needs to stick to their policy of age of the child or person as of the time of the vacation.

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