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  1. Jamie

    Just bc you might not like the president no company is above the laws or above em and they need to follow them! But i do appreciate their patience we all could use it! This isnt about vacation these laws are here to protect us and its about peoples live…I want to get out i travel for work myself or i be unemployed but i am not about to get arrested for leaving my house nor going against the laws that are there for a reason. We are going to all go in levels in due time not when we want too but when its safe! I think its smart to wait not in crazy fashion but at least till its different then this… besides i know many whom have kids whom arent in schools right now so they can not leave them to go back to work! The difference between essential and non if i have kids i would be home w them daring this new frontier not worried about my job. Thats what life is all about! Lets enjoy disney/uni will always be there!

  2. Mark

    Not florida but then why are the pictures and all the info florida and the same relative stuff?? I am sorry i am complaining alot but i do appreciate all the writers here i know we are all in a predicament but dl and wdw uni on both end will not open wo an OK from the people in charge levels or not plus would not open just all together… ie. DL will not reopen separate from wdw nor wdw wo DL! Its going to be together or not at all patience is a virtue is true esp during this time and so if ours lives weather you believe in God or not be grateful esp now for your life your family friends not when can i go to a theme park! Not knowing the parks werent built in a day and its not just the parks states need to reopen then go from there… and each park has its own levels … its common sense! And yes we all go overboard commenting i am not going to deny i have but we all have to have patience live our best life and just wait… Good things come to those who wait!

  3. Harley

    Common Sense
    Lets all find a new prospective during these times!

    1. Janie

      Thats so true God bless harley and both our states just say they are level 3 and wdw wants 50% so 25% and meetings of only 10 people is not theme parks! It proves patience right! Except for the fact i need my kids out of the house so schools please open!

  4. Matt Brewster

    Given the devastation that the COVID19 virus has left in the NYC area, the issue of reopening the Fla parks rests on New Tork tourists, who constitute a large percentage of the tourists who patronize them. All you would need is one contaminated family to spread the virus all Central Florda in just one day!!!

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