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Walt Disney World debuts Vegan guide at at Magic Kingdom

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  1. Madeleine

    I really agree that Disney open back up on june 1. I really don’t think its right to now. Especially when universal studios say that they still going to remain closed until may 31. Right now most important is the safety and the health all the castmember.

  2. Mark

    I do not know we haven’t peaked yet and everyone else will peak different though our survival rate #s are high and tests are showing 9/10 cases are false for corona more than positive we need a higher drop everywhere! You can not just go by fl or cali bc thats where the parks are bc people travel from everywhere to come to the parks! And though fl
    #s are better than other places we have to look all #s to get there! And cali isnt ready nor is anywhere else! Disney is all about the money but they arent stupid either though virtual queues and temp taking are dumb and wont happen bc they want people in the parks and to make money once open!

  3. KerryG

    No way it will open then. Once they pick an official opening date, they will need to re-hire cast members, replace those who aren’t returning (and train them), order new food for all the restaurants, go through exhaustive testing and certification on every ride, probably clean rooms in all the resorts, and much more. Even if they do open June 1, it won’t be just “OK, we’re open now”. It will take weeks, maybe months, to get back to full operation.

  4. Jamie

    Disney has “The Magic and Pixie Dust Power”! To open June 1st. And, Yes they will and Always have taken every precaution and Safety measures for the well-being, protection, security,, and safety of The Cast Members and Guests.

  5. Greg

    There’s already a second wave of infection hitting Asia after they reopened. What is JP Morgan even basing this on? Even the scientists have no idea. There hasn’t been enough testing to know if it is safe. Look at Italy!

    1. Janie

      The flu has a vaccine and people still die and have while debating corona my neighbor lost someone to cancer the other day… we are not waiting for answers if we do the people will just be like enough is enough besides your talking about 3rd world countries whom started this mess vs the us!? Weve made it through hell of alot worse!

  6. Denise

    I feel they will by then the majority of people will already of had the virus you can’t hide forever !

  7. Gus

    Yes i l love it and be so happy and iam willing to help


    Hopefully June 1, 2020. is the day. Some restrictions would be acceptible. Temperature taking should be one. I’m willing to spend a few minutes longer in line for everyones safety. This also encludeds line spacing and building control.

  9. Mike

    2 words

    Shanghai Disney

    No way all the parks are open 6/1.

    Maybe you get a room but you’re not going to be with 1,000 people for rope drop

    1. Rebel Porg

      Shanghai like all international parks run by government not disney do they wont go by them!

  10. Jacqueline

    They shouldn’t open til the end of July! Can you imagine walking down Main Street with thousands of people? I’m sure people are going to be VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT CROUDS for quite a while

  11. Michele M Rose

    I’m not interested in hearing the musings of a banker as it relates to a global pandemic. Interesting you don’t interview an actual medical professional. Who asked you to write this? DeSantis? His handling of the situation is my BIGGEST FEAR. I don’t trust his judgement and surely wont bring a 9 year old to his state to get sick. $4500 is more than I’m willing to spend and potentially be exposed. We’ll wait till this is GONE.

  12. 26YearsofDisney

    I am confident Disney will open on June 1. Look at what is happening in states across the country. People are ready to work and are willing to take risks now. Disney is a business. They want to open just as badly as we want them open. I’m heading there June 4 and I feel they will be open!

    1. Natasha

      Yeah I’m heading there June 9th but still it does sort of scare me a little.. I’m not young young, in 46 and don’t want to die on a ventilator but then I go shopping all the time and bring food to my elderly mother.. so I figure I will just be careful as I possibly can

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