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    Julie Miller

    Thank you! I have no problem spending more time in the name of safety. God bless! Julie Miller

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      Disney should be using its work force to sanitize the parks and hotels from head to toe. With uv lights chlorine, test every employee for covid-19 those that are free of it to work those that have it back home for isolation. Once fully sanitized continue on finishing construction in the parks. From there start producing for there streaming service like tour of the park and so forth. Disney has resources start creating masks and PPE equipment for hospitals. To help alleviate the problems caused by virus the quicker we get through virus the quicker parks can be reopened. I am really disappointed if all they came up with was test for temperature. Literally so much more than can be done. Walt didn’t ideally stand by when half his work force was sent overseas to fight in world war 2. Neither should the current owners of Disney. Test , sanitize, and be productive.

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        They are saitizing like crazy even before they closed i saw hand sanitizers everywhere and all the cms esp at front were attached to clorox rags! I thought that was quite impressive!

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        The park and hotels have been closed for how long now, three weeks? The virus can only live on surface how how long 24-48 hours. Sanatize what? The parks are pretty clean as it is.

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          4 to 8 days is what is accepted. However they found RNA on surfaces 17 days after the 2 cruise ships were evacuated.

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            RNA is completely non-viable at that point. Straight from Bloomberg News interviewing a CDC doctor, laboratory conditions have shown different lifespans on different surfaces. Up to 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, and 72 hours on plastic and steel. There’s no way there’s any viable virus on surfaces at the parks still.

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          Angela Landgrebe

          That isn’t true. You can find an article how in that one cruise ship it lasted over 20 days after everyone got off the ship.

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            This was also a sensationalized and partially false story, it’s been proven that the virus that was found didn’t have it’s protective layer anymore, and therefore deemed ‘dead, a virus without that layer cannot infect anyone. It’s the same when you use soap or bleach on a virus, it eats away at that layer, same with the virus being found after the above days of it being considered ‘live’. A few fact-checking sites with links to the CDC will confirm it 🙂

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        Can’t see how temperature can be used. You will be standing in oppressive heat, your temperature will be elevated. This will get ugly, sorry family you have a 99 degree fever in 100 degree Florida, you are not allowed to enter the park.

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          My input on the temperature check. some people have Covid 19 and are completely without any symptoms including a temperature.

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            Lynn Lavender

            Exactly!!!! Already shown that people are contagious when asymptomatic

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          If it’s just 99, that wouldn’t be enough to send someone home. It would most likely have to be 100+, as in school systems, which is unlikely to be caused just from a hot day.

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          big fan

          totally agree with you and after spending thousands of dollars to plan the perfect vacation only to be told you can’t go in due to a slightly elevated temperature and most likely because of the Florida heat. They had better have parameters in place for detecting you are actually sick before implementing that policy!

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        The current owners are shareholders who’ve bought stock. Disney is a publicly owned company.

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        Jessica Valles

        I totally agree with this!!!!! I think that you should have your body temperature taken at bag check and if you body temp is 100 or higher you shouldn’t be allowed in. I work at a hospital and they are currently taking our body temperature when we enter the building. It takes all of 2 seconds so if bag check takes 2 seconds more to protect us and others I would have no problem doing this and neither should anyone else

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        Complete agree! Precsutions need to become new protocols and have increased cleaning and park/attraction sanitizing throughout the day and deeply done overnight!

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      You can have a fever for other reasons than Covid-19. So what happens if a family buys tickets, flies to Disney and one person has a cold or a virus other than Covid-19. Last time we went my son-in-law had a slight fever when we got there but it went a day or so later. He was fine and so were all 10 of us.

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        I would completely comply with any testing that they deem necessary to keep their guests safe. I am not sure (or qualified to say) how effective temp taking will be. However, whatever they do implement, I trust they will decide with full research and consideration for effectiveness, as they would with any decision they make. For anyone who does not want to comply, they do not have to visit. On the note of potential guests ‘doing the right thing’ and staying home when they are sick only if Disney gives them a refund for money spent on tickets, etc..that is exactly what vacation insurance is for (if you need to cancel outside of already set cancellation parameters). While I know it is not your ‘fault’ you are sick, neither is it Disney’s fault.

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    What a bonehead move. Bob Iger knows no bounds on his level of stupidity.

    COVID-19 can be transmitted with a fever or symptoms. And in Central Florida weather taking someone’s temp is a waste of time.

    If they wanted to be useful, they could test at the gate, but it’s not about safety at Disney, just the illusion of it.

    That’s why CM’s bust into your room to catch guests naked in the name of security.

    Another 70 IQ idea by Mr. Iger, because as we all know if he can’t buy the idea it won’t be a good one.

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      You must not have ever been a cast member if that’s what you truly believe about Disney world? Safety is actually a very large component of the training it’s not just about image. You’re just trying to scare people and that’s not right.

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        Thank you Jacquie, those were my thoughts exactly. Ive worked at disneyland off and on since 2003. If you know your keys, safety always comes first 🙂

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          Thank you, Robert. Safety is the FIRST of the Four Keys, and that’s emphasized by not only the leads, but managers, and other cast members, during EVERY shift!
          I always use my safety words at home, because I have a relative who is visually impaired, and it’s important for both of us to know where the other one is.

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        This in South Florida may bring on more problems than people think especially in the summer. Here it is extremely hot and just by standing in line your body temperature will rise and when taken by a cast member might seem like a fever when in fact your actually hot. I think we need to find a better way especially for places like Florida where the temperature is always 80 to 90 degrees.

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          That’s exactly what I was thinking. And if you have tickets and you are not let in because of this, then what?

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          The human body temperature is self regulating people! Florida weather will not make it seem like you have a fever unless they are only doing temporal (forehead) scans. Most places do timpanic(inner ear) scans.

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        So you can be asymptomatic and not have a fever and still transmit the virus. So there’s that Iger. Can I have my $2500 back from your gift cards. I won’t be going to Disney ever. You cancelled on me not me on you. Your response to this should be “we will do everything we did to keep us safe from influenza.” That has infected 54,000,000 US citizens, were you doing anything for that?

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          Still on about the “this is just the FLU” bs? I think I speak for everyone, including Disney when I say good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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      It sounds like you’ve had a negative experience at one of the Disney Hotels. I work at a hotel ( not associated with Disney in any way) but I can say if someone “busted” into you’re room, it is because they suspected some shady behavior from you or others in your room.

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    If this is what has to be done to open the parks back up and protect the Cast Members and guests then I am all for it!

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    Nope! I will never go to Disneyland again

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      Pretty sure temperature screening will become just as prevalent as bag checks… even some grocery stores are doing that. So enjoy being at home if you don’t want to participate

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        Some places in other countries not the states! This is all too much to ask on many whom do get aggravated w bag check!

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    Penny Walker

    While I appreciate the efforts to make the parks a safe environment for all, taking everyone’s temperature at entry does not make me feel any safer. Why? Many people are infectious with out having a fever. Many people run fevers for other reasons. I have lupus, and I run fevers all the time, it does not mean I am a threat to anyone. And anyone can just take a fever reducer before entering the park and slip right through. For someone with a compromised immune system, like myself, going to a theme park always was a risk, and the same common sense measures need to be in place…frequent hand washing and staying home if you are sick. Maybe if you give someone a refund if they have to skip a day due to illness they would actually do the right thing.

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      My kid has allergies that get really bad sometimes and you would probably look at him differently now bc of all this even though you can not catch allergies and you make great pt Penny about temps people normal temp could just be high! My son and i both have 99° as our normal!

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        My daughter already got stared at and i got yelled its like bad allergies thanks for your concern!

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        I don’t feel that is a good idea. One reason is, how are you going to guarantee what a person’s normal temperature is. I know several people who don’t have the virus but other health issues that make their temperature higher than the average. Two, how can you guarantee that someone who maybe has the virus passes by without symptoms now you’ve contaminated the thermometer and then everyone else after that gets infected.

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      Penny is spot on. You pretty much have 2 options moving forward assuming no cure/immunization. You have to have accurate, rapid, inexpensive testing and you turn people away and refund them if they test positive or people just have to accept the risks. There are so many reasons someone could have a fever and not have COVID. There are also many reasons someone could not have a fever and still be capable of transmitting COVID to others. Having a temperature taken is just giving people a false sense of security. The other point Penny makes about giving people refunds is critical too (if you want people to do the right thing assuming no testing); people have a ton of money invested in their trip and won’t do the right thing without a refund for the time they miss.

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      Exactly!! Also ever heard of Tylenol and ibuprofen lol people will just medicate!

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      I am on a hormone suppressant for my cancer and periodically run a temperature higher than 98.6 and have the infamous hot flashes where I feel like I am boiling even in the winter time. Taking a temperature is useless and smacks of even more government control that shouldn’t be there and reducing the amount of employees who clean up the resorts and parks is just ridiculous when there are already numerous complaints about the dirty conditions that have been found by guests. Iger is delusional about how he has run Disney.

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    I am sorry but iger doesn’t have a say he is not in charge so why make an article about this lets move on already besides the parks do not go by what corp tells em they have their own presidents and managers that make the rules its called big business! Just like virtual queue everything will not work no one will ever come in again you want people to come back not make it harder! I know its about safety but once this is said and done its just another ailment… you know how many airborne illnesses there are and they are just as harmful as corona??? Hundreds! And we never went crazy about those lets just live or life and stop panicking no wait keep it up i need to get paid somehow as a pysch!

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      Bob has taken the role of Walt now. Look it up, he is in charge, he just isnt CEO anymore. He is Executive President now, above everyone.

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      Bob Iger is Executive President now, Walts old role. He is above everyone.

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        I thought he was running for president of the usa lol but he still doesn’t have say in the parks as much the individual presidents do! Thats why when people say i wish walt was in charge do not get business! Or how much more to disney there is besides parks!

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          James Swartz

          That’s exactly what I’ve been saying for a while. I had detailed this in a Disney Food Blog article comment but it got erased by AJ. I guess if they don’t like that response, they shouldn’t have put out an article about Iger stepping out of a role before his contract Is up and into another role which he could still step out of if the Democratic Party taps him for the ticket.
          I’m a conservative and even I feel bad about the last two major candidates they had left before the WuFlu pandemic. As a retired medical provider though, I feel that trotting Mr. Biden out is tantamount to Elder Abuse. I would be afraid of the embarrassment to the family if any Mental Status Examination results ever becomes public. My mum had Alzheimer’s and I see so many similarities that it truly makes me sad.
          Perhaps DFB Should stick closer to food and covering the parks’ news.

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        David Mullich

        Iger’s actual title is Executive Chairman, and he will serve in that role until December 2021.

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      Chapek still reports to Iger

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      Who are you to know who’s in charge of what? Are you a Disney employee? And where did you learn to spell? It’s absolutely terrible!

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      Angela Landgrebe

      Are you seriously insinuating there is something out there right now that is as easy to catch and as fatal?

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        My parents died from the common cold so anything could be deadly! Actually TB is just as deadly and also airborne!

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    Just as long as you all do not kill das/gac more w your crazy virtual queues etc i do not care what they check!

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      Yea we been screwed over when they took away our normal alt pass i doubt this will make anything better just those whom are trying to sue Disney have a stronger case! Sadly enough DL doesnt have this issue actually none of the others do just us it makes you wonder right…

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    Although taking temperatures would undoubtedly help the situation surely this only pick up people with current symptoms. my understanding is that people are also infectious prior to the symptoms becoming apparent….. so they could unknowingly spread the virus despite this check?

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      Some people carry but don’t show symptoms at all so I agree with this

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    Let’s not start listening to advice from communist China

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    If they are looking to what China is doing that is extremely scary. Just look at what they are doing to see that this is going to take our freedoms away if we do this too. People can only buy or sell with their phones if they are posted as yellow they can only go certain places. Green is everywhere and red is stay at home. Cameras everywhere track their every move. Nobody should be looking at any communist country for any ideas. Period.

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      Disney is private property and can do whatever they please. Don’t like it don’t go. Them not doing something within their rights on their property because you feel it’s a violation of your rights would be a violation of all our rights.

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        James Swartz

        Simply stated and true…

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    I’m all for taking temperatures before entering the park! It protects us and Disney is so impressive with their high-tech I’m sure it wouldn’t take that much longer than it already takes to get into the parks.

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    Rebel Orange Bird

    I just hope they know they are going to need bonus security or sheriffs to man the entrances to help the cars get into parking so accidents don’t happen bc i imagine huge lines once reopen happens!

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    I am all for whatever is needed to keep everyone safe. We are planning to visit at the end of June. It is my husband and mine adult vacation. We plan to come for 10 days. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. It may be his last time visiting. Any precaution is gteat. I am happy Disney is thinking and planning for everyone’s protection.

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    Sticking the same thermometers in thousands of guests mouths literally chills me. The protective plastic put on each time does not make me feel better. What if it has a small tear or something. YUCK!

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      Pam R

      I’m sure that they will not use those old fashioned thermometers. They have digital ones that are quicker and safer these days.

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        Please!! Stop spreading nonsense! IF they do this they would use touchless thermometers to take temps of incoming guests.

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        Melanie Durham

        They are no touch thermometers! They put them close to your forehead!

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      Pretty sure they would use no touch thermometers. You can get them at WalMart and other stores with medical supplies.

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        I think taking people’s temperature before entering the parks is not fair, it in fact can be problematic especially in Florida. Your temperature will go up just standing in line waiting to get it taken by a cast member, it gets extremely hot here especially in the summer where it can get as high as 100 degrees so that can cause a lot of problems for people.

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      Melanie Durham

      They are no touch thermometers! They put them close to your forehead!

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    Rebel Porg

    Why are we going to follow china whom caused this mess and paid off cdc and who whom are only now aloud to speak? If they want to do this thats fine they are in charge the company is in charge of wdw and dl! Also why is iger telling us what to do hes screwed up enough!

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    As a current at cast member at WDW in January and February as the details of the virus started coming out and what it had done to China we as cast members continually asked if we could wear gloves to protect ourselves and were continually told we couldn’t as they weren’t part of our costume and might panic our guests.

    So no he did not care about CM safety at that time and I still dont trust anything will change after this.

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      Rob meeks

      Disney is involved in pedophilia.

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        That is a terrible thing to say unless you have facts to back it up.

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        I agree

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    A dr in the know

    I am a dr and i like to ask iger or anyone else that speaks out of terms how many other airborne illnesses that are out there??? They could hurt you and kill you just as quick if your stuck w corona! Also no one wants to let any one of you know a survivor rate its up close to 400k people not everyone is dying from this! Do you know while we all went into a panic over corona 65k people died from the regular flu! The symptoms change daily its drives me nuts bc as a dr i not even know what i am checking anymore but high fevers! And yes i agree w those whom stated prior here fever means nothing as many have a low grade fever # as there normal temp… are you not going to allow them in?? That would make you loose more money then the park being close!

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      A brave nurse

      To add to your points… If you take everything airborne or what can kill you quick and worry the parks might NEVER again open! If you see what a dr sees daily quite honestly or even a hosp the parks might never have existed! I am glad people are aware but be aware not go crazy about it bc panic and paranoia are not mentally healthy either… the suicide rate is already too high to control (the other day a mom brought her 12 yr old daughter into the office she tried to kill herself bc of corona and life in general a 12 yr old!!! Oh my heart!).

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      I totally agree with and I’m not in the medical field. The numbers don’t add up. It appears to me the survival rate is 97%. Also, I would say the anyone who wants to take my temperature or blood pressure just to get into a park or anywhere is a violation of my rights. I simply dont understand why we are under a lockdown. If it was as bad as they say people would be dying in the streets.

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        And what is 3% of 7.8 Billion if we dont take measures to keep the virus from spreading quickly through everybody?

        23.4 million

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        Private property. Don’t like it, stay home.

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    I think temperature taking is an absurd idea. Many people on here have already listed why and those are great answers. It would be ridiculous to put people through this measure. And as for taking tips from communist China that is beyond idiotic!!

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    I don’t have a problem with longer wait times for everyone’s safety. Maybe they can come up with a way to take temperatures as we put our fingers on the scanners to get into the parks. Would be great if possible.

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      I don’t know where you saw them but not at Hollywood studios. No one was even wiping the finger station so there was no cleaning done and that was before the park closed. Disney isn’t a clean place not with all the people that come there I live right there and went a lot and do I feel safe if they open in June. No.

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    Veronica Stanton

    Anything that will keep us all safe and healthy.
    Thank you Disney ♥️

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    Jen D.

    I appreciate the effort. Don’t know how much help it will actually be seeing as people can be infectious without showing symptoms off the bat. I believe Disneyland would best serve its fan base and community by limiting the crowds in the park to begin with. We’ve all been in Disneyland when the crowds were ridiculous. Walking like cattle down Main Street as they are setting up for parades. Things like that shouldn’t be allowed to happen anymore. Growing up in California ang going to Disneyland I had never experienced the excess in crowds as I have these past five or so years in Disneyland. Standing in 3 hour lines has become the norm. I think the parks need to rethink their crowd strategy and enforce a capacity for everyone’s safety. Whether dealing with a pandemic or natural disaster, like God forbid an earthquake, these are things they should have been taking into account anyway.

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      I completely agree. There needs to be a lower number of people allowed in the parks

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      I agree that the crowds are a bigger safety issue than the overall health of individual guests. For many people, social distancing might become the new norm, but that will be impossible in a crowded park. I don’t think Bob Iger is seriously planning temperature checks in particular. He was talking about one example of a possibility, but from his comments I think Disney hasn’t decided yet what preventive measure(s) to implement.

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      I agree. Even if maximum occupancy rules are being followed, the number needs a reduction.

      Ideally a specific Covid test is what’s needed; but they are in short supply and don’t come in the form of a skin swab.

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      People who are saying this is just the flu (or another airborne virus) please stop talking. Yes, the flu killed 65K people last YEAR. This virus has killed almost 250K (that we know of because once someone dies they aren’t necessarily testing them) in 6 MONTHS! This is a whole lot deadlier than the flu, sorry but it’s true. Read the SCIENCE facts (not politics says crap) before stating your “facts.” Yes there are asymptomatic people who don’t run fevers, but at least the temperature check (if done by ear and not forehead since the body self regulates temperature) would would weed out the already sick. On the plus side of that, it may also weed out the people who have the flu or strep, etc who come into the parks and don’t care who they get sick. If you have an illness like lupus or something else that can cause you to run a temp, then maybe they will require a doctors note for that and maybe a consent for a rapid COVID test? I would be fine with that. I also think some common sense needs to be used here, when they say temp my guess is that they are meaning over 100, which in most doctor settings means you are sick, so that’s would be a reasonable qualifier. As for the masks, it does help with limiting the spread of COVID, that’s proven, but in FL heat it may be hard. So I’m sure they As others have said, this is private property and they can do what they want and have whatever qualifiers that they want, it’s THEIR right & it is your right not to like it, but it is NOT your right to take away Disney’s right. Welcome to the free world people, if you don’t like it then stay home. Going to Disney is a privilege NOT a right. Just like flying, if you don’t like the security checks, well then don’t fly. Again, it’s a privilege, not a right.

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    Jenny D.

    I appreciate the effort. Don’t know how much help it will actually be seeing as people can be infectious without showing symptoms off the bat. I believe Disneyland would best serve its fan base and community by limiting the crowds in the park to begin with. We’ve all been in Disneyland when the crowds were ridiculous. Walking like cattle down Main Street as they are setting up for parades. Things like that shouldn’t be allowed to happen anymore. Growing up in California ang going to Disneyland I had never experienced the excess in crowds as I have these past five or so years in Disneyland. Standing in 3 hour lines has become the norm. I think the parks need to rethink their crowd strategy and enforce a capacity for everyone’s safety. Whether dealing with a pandemic or natural disaster, like God forbid an earthquake, these are things they should have been taking into account anyway.

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    I think temperature taking is awesome… I also think there should be an immunization check bc a huge problem are the idiots that don’t vaccinate. Disney is a melting pot and safety should be top priority especially now.

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      You know the common cold and pneumonia are both airbone illnesses too right? Plus pneumonia is just as deadly as corona and my parents died of the common cold soooo while vaccines are great they do not have vaccines for everything so your pt is na!

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    great idea, thanks disney.
    Unfortunately you’re still going to get the idiots that crowed you up to that point.

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    victoria a taylor

    Good Idea, We All Want A Safe Place To Go And Have Fun

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    I work in a daycare n parents give their kids meds so they can bring them. They also have then where high high shoes to ride rides at your park .do you think they wont take tylenol before coming to the parksthe

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    This may be difficult to do because some people’s temperature runs a bit high on the normal. It wouldn’t be fair to turn those people away

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    Dear Lord just stop with the madness.
    Medical professionals you are not!
    The BS after 9/11 was bad enough..
    Maybe serve healthier food to build ammune systems instead….

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    I would have no problem with temperature screening at parks. Actually like the idea. As long as it is a thermometer that justs rolls across the forehead and takes a couple of seconds. Could happen while bag is being checked. Would probably need to be cleaned after each person though. Might be problematic.

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    Tracey c

    I was anticipating that Mr. Iger would implement procedures to reduce crowds. Individuals waiting in line before the park opens. Reduce the crowds on popular attractions. Increase handwashing stations janitorial staff, and remove waste.

    I would be okay with temperature check’s of guest’s and staff.

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    If that becomes the case and norm I will not be going to Disney anymore.
    Get over it people. It a virus. Get a vaccination when it’s available.

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    That is a terrible thing to say unless you have facts to back it up.

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    It’s enough to keep me out of the parks forever. The bag checks were kind of Ok, but just barely, this is a hard no.

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    Dave Greenhalgh

    I don’t think that would be a big problem Things will not be the same, SAFTY FIRST

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    William Stebbins

    Yes I would not object to getting temp. Taken makes sence for me to feel comfortable.

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    Kathy Kroll

    Whatever it takes to be safe…we have a trip planned for midJune and hope all will be well and we can enjoy the magic.
    Hope grounds and hotels are taking this time to deep clean…why not!
    Thank you

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    This will never happen nor will temp scanning its aganist human rights and freedom so they will not happen it will be the next lawsuit! Besides i doubt once this is over it will not even be a thought people will just want to live! And disney will once again be taking everyone money! Where are all those people whom are like disney is money hungry etc you know the gates will be open and nothing to hold anyone back they will not want complaints after this! Iger esp is all about money hes not going to stop it now! Besides this is the only site i read this on… very confused!

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    Don’t mind at all.
    The only problem I see is that this virus and many others are more contagious before you have any symptoms.

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    So I am menopausal and having a hot flash in the Florida heat and you are going to take my temp?? Give me a break.

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    I would support temperature screening 100%! Any guest who puts their “plans” above my safety is a threat to my health and everyone else in the park.

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    I feel like this sounds good on paper, not so much in reality. First, we have learned that not everyone shows symptoms. Possibly their symptoms haven’t began at the time of entry. No symptoms means no fever. So I could have been standing around to get in line with those possibly sick or are carriers. After everyone enters, then those carriers and asymptomatic people have free range of every square inch causing tons of people getting sick. Unlike 9/11 and people getting carded or pictures taken or the theme parks checking our bags, we have something here that is much more life threatening and is something that we can’t see or scan.

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      You do realize the person next to you could have the common cold too and could affect you just as much right??? Colds if bad turn into pneumonia and they along w flus are along w cancer still have just as many deaths as corona but whose counting…. how about we all stay home for the rest of our lives be scared and the parks stayed closed!!!

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    I hate to break it to ya but ALL of you wouldnt bat an eye before all this and there are still airborne illnesses out there as well as many other things and you all came in enjoyed vacation and left! You will all do the same once the parks reopen and stop with the bickering bc you know its true! Within a yr or so time its going to be like everything else a memory or just another thing you could catch! Your expecting alot out of a company whom just wants your money and whom pretends to care hell it took em this long to say cms can wear masks and gloves if they wanted…. what makes you anymore sp!? And yet we will all go and life will move on… i am not going to stop living my life take it from someone living w TB whose had cancer and had this! I am living stronger than ever through it all and yet you all complain like you know better!

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      Amazing point Janie and I totally agree!

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    Ok ok… Really don’t understand the temperature thing especially living in FL… no matter what, your body will be hotter out there in the sun/heat… now saying that, if they want an accurate reading they need to shove the thermometer up your butt… I don’t think all the guests will go for that?

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    Rowland Kenna

    People contagious for at least a week prior to fever. Perhaps 30% of contagious people never have fever. Too much risk until vaccination available

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      The flu has a vax and more just as many people have died from that within the last yr your pt is???

    2. Avatar

      Quick throw him a line...

      Most people whom have this and i had way before it was known and its 2 wks and done! We are debating a really bad flu you all know that right!? Your neighbor could have it but all we have now is to walk around the block or go stircrazy! What about the parks just stay closed who needs em! I know i be a whole lot better off money wise wo em!

      1. Avatar

        ER dr with hope

        Also once you have it your done! Though its still aweful to have and see people w it! They will not tell you the facts and the fact they have are from people i wouldn’t trust!! They throw symptoms at the wind and we the drs are suppose to deal w it! Now w the masks and gloves you could wear em if you want but its airborne so lasting on surfaces is na and it has to still get into your system to affect you. There is so many more things that could kill you that much quicker and no one cares… no one wants to tell you survival rates but its better than thinking everyone has this and everyone is dying! Yes its scary yes you do not want to get sick but i think you all been living in your home bubble for to long you forgot what the cold and flu are too no one was scared to go into the parks then.

  45. Avatar

    The issue is, some people may not be feverish or show any symptoms, they may be contagious and not even know it. How would a hot summer day affect those readings? It just seems to be a very unreliable method of safeguarding people. Disney has not been a stranger to having people protest unvaccinated children, measles outbreaks were an issue, so I think they’ll need something different

  46. Avatar


    I see the day when all major theme parks, stadiums, etc will have TSA-level screening devices, doctors, lawyers, and accountants stationed at entrances. Okay, a little overboard, but our reality will be altered forever, a la 9/11.

    1. Avatar

      Carolyn RN

      My gosh that was funny! Made me laugh outloud!

      As an RN I don’t know what the answer is right now. Live life and do the right thing.
      Also there are communicable bugs everywhere.
      We all better boost our immune systems to stay well.
      I do agree with crowd control.

    2. Avatar

      Carolyn RN

      My gosh that was funny! Made me laugh outloud!

      As an RN I don’t know what the answer is right now. Live life and do the right thing.
      Also there are communicable bugs everywhere.
      We all better boost our immune systems to stay well.

  47. Avatar


    They need less people at the parks at any given time, but that would mean building more parks. Oddly enough, South Texas is warm all year round, too, and a third park could allow the same number of people to visit without overloading DW. Or a South American park to take the huge influx of Brazilian tourists, maybe. It’s not THAT politically unstable down there.

  48. Avatar

    I think it’s wonderful if you do scan everyone. It would not be a problem if it means keeping our kids safe to enjoy this magical place. Along with everyone else. God Bless 😇 for thinking of this .
    These are new times in our society and it is something we just have to understand.

  49. Avatar


    Temperature checks will not delineate if someone has a disease. They can be shedding the virus without having symptoms or even knowing. Regarding medical screenings, this works if everyone does the right thing. Otherwise, people will do what they will to gain entrance into the “World’s Happiest place.”

    1. Avatar


      Better safe than sorry!!

  50. Avatar

    Jason K

    I can see a very divided comments section here.

  51. Avatar

    Barbara A Conner

    I don’t have a problem with the screening. It’s for everyone’s well being – so – it takes a little longer – BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

  52. Avatar


    Taking temps is not a perfect idea. I think it should be 3 coughs and you’re out!

    1. Avatar


      Yep and if you have really bad allergies like my kid thats called normal and hay fever cough! No one gets that people w strained breathing could be allergies asthma copd etc it doesn’t mean your sick stay home! Like right now my kid is over run with allergies bc of the lack of rain its been really bad here in fl and fires just started not far from me the past windy day blew it our way and my daughter has to be on her breathing machine! But its all allergies i am not going to stop from going to wdw just over allergies!

  53. Avatar


    Okay, I’ve waited patiently for Iger’s retirement like any other Song of the South fan…
    But if, as at one point speculated, the New Normal declares “Face-character meets are unhealthy!”, and we’re back to dance parties and parade waves, Iger leaves NOW…Through the castle or through da window.

  54. Avatar


    Never mind the virus, I’m horrified at being in the parks with the special cases posting these temperature comments!

  55. Avatar


    We visit Disney World four times a year. My granddaughter is ill and it’s where she goes to “forget” the real world. Her illness is FMF a periodic fever syndrome. She flares from excitement or heat, so she runs a temp everyone we are at Disney(it’s a genetic disease and not contagious ). I’m not sure how this would work for her. It would devastate her to not be allowed to go. She asks everyday if Disney is open yet.

  56. Avatar


    All i know is the days are starting to blend together… i forgot who i am once or twice and what i was doing…. my family is making me want to drink and i do not drink! I know right now its all about safety but in the end i am going to get out and nothing is going to stop or any of us from living our best life after this…. thats our right and if they do …. lets see what happens bc i am telling you it will not be pretty! Or i will go to Harley for psych help!

  57. Avatar


    I think this is a fine idea but the parks are in hot places. Peoples temps will already be warmer than normal because of the outside temp especially if they do not have AC in their vehicle. Some people walk a long ways from the parking lot to the main gate.

  58. Avatar


    Here’s the problem: people are shedding and spreading the virus even BEFORE they have a fever. So, while I have no problem getting screened, and fully agree with it, it’s nowhere near enough and I won’t be returning to public venues anytime soon. Then again, I have serious risk factors.

  59. Avatar


    I dont care, but taking people’s temperature isn’t going to prevent people from being infected by the asymptomatic. It has to be a country wide sweep, out of Disney’s scope.

    If you are infected, asymptomatic or not, you need to stay home. Opening the parks too soon isnt going to help the situation even if you take people’s temperatures.

  60. Avatar

    Full of hope

    I know because i see it alot most tourists time in park is more valuable to them then even security! They complain like crazy esp if its busy and i see it even in the no bag line where screening is needed the most! Try getting those people to stay for another screening their temp will be raised bc they a frustrated and will be escorted out for cursing cms and security out! As many said above big business wants to make money not hold it back…. we WILL NOT let back in till its safe or we are just over it and normal will be screaming to get back in! As the old saying goes good has to out way the bad at some pt always does thats just life hopefully once we are past this life will be amazing! 🙂

  61. Avatar

    Its a new change we have to take to protect Cast members and Guests.

    What about the meet and greet ?

    That’s going to be a problem, i’m just saying.

  62. Avatar


    I have no problem with this. We Love Disney and always feel safe there. The only place I would let my kids roam when they were younger. Texas

  63. Avatar


    When they check your bags they need put to a fresh pair of gloves on they go in one bag then in the next passing germs from one bag to the next

    1. Avatar

      Thank you. This is going to be a huge problem if the guards don’t change gloves constantly and wear masks. Also the airport should put liners in those bins that you set your shoes, wallet, etc in with each new person. They also should wipe down the conveyor belt that they put them on as carryon bags go through it. And never mind the point that in Florida heat, body temperatures just rise anyway a bit. Just a nightmare.

  64. Avatar


    Been in the USN, married to a sailor for 40 yrs in June, & also worked for the military…..used to waiting in line. SAFETY FIRST. Our family doesn’t mind.

  65. Avatar


    I didn’t read all the comments. Wouldn’t touching all the bags in screening be a bad thing now unless they use disposable gloves and change after each baggage check? The virus can live on surfaces for at least 24 hours and it seems that the longer they handle everyone’s stuff, the more likely to spread germs. Same as at the airport. Shouldn’t the plastic bins you put your shoes, wallets, etc in need to be disinfected after each use or have disposable liners? It’s a nightmare.

    1. Avatar


      They do not clean planes either just recycle air wow corona comes along and its as if we lived in a bubble this whole time! No one is going to follow this we will just go in and enjoy our vacation day trip etc. Enough is enough! I do not whats more ridiculous hearing everyone rant and rave like poor me or the fact i wish they tell all you not everyone gets this, its not going to be deadly for you just bc it is for someone else, and the survival rate is climbing along w the rest of the #s! Also i just saw on the tv they will be screening cms prior to reopen and daily not us!

  66. Avatar


    You know we all got this wrong they are screening before reopening meaning ONLY cms etc. NOT EVERY GUEST it was just on tv!

  67. Avatar

    Gary Walsworth

    If it helps get the Parks open sooner, Im all in!

  68. Avatar

    K F

    Hope everyone who crams the parks to capacity gets Covid 19 and dies or kills someone they know because of their stupidity. Theme Parks,arenas,stadiums, or any place that closely packs thousands of people together are impossible to have at the moment until a vaccine is found.

  69. Avatar


    I think it’s crap. Taking temperatures of people who have been standing in the heat. Rediculous. Plus what happens when you are in crowds, anxious, nervous, excited, been running from the transportation to the gate, you come from the north to the South for vacation, etc. YOUR TEMPERATURE GOES UP NATURAL BODY RESPONSE. THIS idea is stupid bad enough you get searched like your a criminal now this. Are they deliberately trying to drive people away and not allow people the vacation we all so save up for. As a stock holder i am totally against this move. RETHINK THE IDEA.

  70. Avatar


    The flu can kill you and it has a vaccine! I am not going to stop living my life esp after all thus and yes a whole bunch of others will too it will be a distant memory like all that came before it but fine you stay in your bubble!

  71. Avatar

    Amy Santa Cruz

    Fine by me…wouldn’t bother me at all. BUT, if someone in a family were to fail the entry criteria of having a normal temperature, Disney should give that group their money back for the passes they hold for the day or give them same for use on another day of their choosing.

  72. Avatar

    Ana Archuleta

    This is best for all. Thank you.

    1. Avatar

      Dylan Alexander

      Hello my name is Dylan Alexander. My thoughts on this is that people who are staying at hotels within the park and park system should be able to get a Perk as in get screened at the hotel and the data recorded on their magic band. Kind of like a fast pass for people that are willing to spend the extra money to stay within the parks hotels. In doing this and I don’t wanna do you protect your parks but you also protect your hotels.

      1. Avatar

        Rebel Orange Bird

        The hotels are the cleanest in the air i feel like i could eat off the floor vs i go somewhere else and it looks like just did the beds and said room is ready!

  73. Avatar


    This was on the news as Mark said they are screening cms prior to reopen NOT ANY OF US! So lets calm down and go back to our lives and whats left of our sanity!

  74. Avatar

    Shari Fox

    I don’t understand what taking our temperature accomplishes when people can be asymptomatic or be asymptomatic for up to 14 days!!

    1. Avatar

      Rebel Porg

      Considering the news changes every day who knows what will happen next by the time the parks open everything could just be a mute pt… like harley said and i saw it too guests aren’t having their temps taken probably bc it would put out guests… also like you barely got in and now your complaining to the cm whom could careless and just got the duty of temp taker for the day! Like the cm whom gets clorox rag duty this will die like this virus very quickly into memory! I feel bad for these cms honestly that get stuck please remember to thank them they are in the same situation! I want to go to disney to relax on vacation not force reality down my throat! Esp w hurricane season coming up and we are under fire warning all of us in FL have enough added worries!

  75. Avatar

    Cindy Priddell

    I’m all for doing whatever it takes to help make things safer and healthier for those going to the parks. Only problem with that is, not everyone who has Covid 19 will start or show signs of having a temperature. They can still be symptomatic and enter the parks and can expose others very quickly

    1. Avatar


      I doubt that highly bc i knew when i had it i almost had a heart attack and gasped for air… my son had the highest fever ever i thought he stop breathing twice… its the worst pneumonia/flu like this you will ever feel but it doesnt make me not want to stop living and be in a bubble forever! Once you have it the chances of it coming back are as slim as you getting it N not surviving! The survival #s just made our #s in the us w cases become a wash! Besides you all sound worried and panic now once the vail is lifted N the gates open it will be a mad rush you will even forget you commented here esp on something they already said they aren’t doing!

      1. Avatar


        Exactly if you have it you know and why the hell then would you leave your house and expose others…. Did we all forget common rules when sick stay home and rest!?

  76. Avatar


    Its all going to be a fevered dream just like TB, cancer, pneumonia, h1n1, ebola, west nile which was also same mosquito that caused zika… did i miss anything???

  77. Avatar

    Jean Claude

    It sounds to me like he’s looking for a way to reassure guests that it is safe to return to the parks in the wake of the pandemic that is:

    * quick
    * simple
    * personal
    * cost-effective

    Fair enough.

    But as so many other posts have indicated, the effectively screening guests can get pretty complicated.

    * By some estimates, the majority of Caronavirus sufferers never have symptoms–so taking temperatures has less practical value.

    * Even people who will develop symptoms and serious complications will initially have no symptoms and be contagious–again impacting effectiveness of fever checks.

    * A fever may also screen out other guests with non-communicable conditions

    I don’t mind waiting in line longer. And I don’t have a better idea for a cost-effective way of making guests feel safe.

    But the complexities of this virus are very, very challenging.

    And it makes me wonder if what he’s really proposing is a psychological reassurance for guests (a form of marketing) with minimal physical effectiveness.

  78. Avatar

    sally smith

    I”m ok with temperature or whatever safety measures they need. as long as they adapt for things like the extra heat in the summer etc. but because the time to get in will be much longer, could they hold fast passes back and release some every hour? so you dont have to get there at 6 am to do 8am rope drop to get to stuff. people might not rush and crowd others if they knew there was a chance they could get their favorite rides later.

  79. Avatar

    Paula Roberts

    It will be a nightmare, but is probably necessary. Kudos to Disney for making tough decisions that were necessary with as much compassion as possible. My heart broke when hearing of the college students being sent home so suddenly. In retrospect, I believe it was all that could be done. I just hope employees can financially survive. It is not easy for anyone.

  80. Avatar

    lorraine cramer

    have no problem with it at all, when I am sick I stay home…… So many people have had reservations for so long that even if a family member is ill, they still come. I am sure you have seen kids sneezing, coughing, and have runny noses and are just miserable. I have also seen people run to bushes to throw up. My husband and I both became sick with the stomach bug one year , but on different days. Each of us stayed in our room for 2 days to get over it before we went out. The other brought us drinks and foods to eat. We did not go into the parks sick , hopefully we couldn’t spread it before we even knew we had it. Temp taking may not catch it all, but it would help a lot. The new thermometers only take a few seconds, if that, so wouldn’t take much longer in line.

  81. Avatar


    I absolutely have no problem with spending a little more time to get inside the park if it ensures the safety of others as well as myself and my family. My concern is that asymptomatic people could be spreading the virus unbeknownst to them and undetectable by a thermometer reading. Additionally, we need to pay attention to what the medical research will tell us about when someone is contagious and whether they are contagious even before they would have an abnormal temperature reading. And what about people whose autoimmune responses make them a- febrile even with the most serious of illnesses such as sepsis and others? Although that isn’t a very common scenario, there are people who simply do not run temperatures or fevers with illnesses. They need to look into Fail-Safe methods of detection and prevention..

  82. Avatar

    Jonathan Neal

    I’m in for safety first – we’ve been coming yearly now with our children and grandchildren for34 years. Safety and concern for visitors have always been at the top of reasons why we come. I trust your judgement implicitly.

  83. Avatar


    Whats next a complete strip search and a back ground check. This is stupid. I personally feel no safer at the parks than I did before. Just another big brother program.

  84. Avatar


    I agree with anything they propose on doing, the stricter the better in my eyes. I have no objections. It is for myself and my families safety- I am all for it. I am a registered nurse and have seen first hand the devastating effects of this virus.

    1. Avatar
  85. Avatar

    Jessica Taylor

    How about they just stop letting in as many people as they do? It was so crammed and miserable. Wait times for rides over 4 hours?

  86. Avatar


    Perhaps for those staying at a Disney property this screening can take place at the hotel and a Fast Pass Lane be set up at the parks similar to what some venues do for people without bags. It would be an added perk of being a guest at a Disney hotel.

  87. Avatar

    If a temperature is needed to be taken upon entering fine it might stop other sicknesses from entering the park as well. Such as the flu or colds or strep throat, that all bring in but don’t care because it is their vacation and they want to do something besides be in a hotel room. The temperature would stop all of these disease as well. This will make folks unhappy but it will make the park less likely to pass on illnesses.

  88. Avatar

    Jo Ann Hubbard

    Listen to me just let people in. Put things to wash hands at the rides so people has to do it before they can get on the ride. People have allergies. They ran temperature, cough , and much more. How do you know what is what? We love Disney World, but if you get to carry away how can it be the happiness place on earth!!! God be with us all!!!!

  89. Avatar

    Big fan

    I can fully appreciate wanting to take precautions amid this pandemic but Mr. Iger’s comments about taking fever scans at the gate is a bit over the top. You could have a fever of 100 just from walking to the gate on a hot day but it doesn’t mean you are sick. he mentioned they scan people before entering buildings but those people haven’t paid thousands of dollars way in advance for doing so. There had better be parameters in place before they tell someone at the gate they can’t come in just because the temp is a little high and not know why. lot of angry folks out there if they don’t.

  90. Avatar

    Karen Artino

    I have no doubt that Disney will take every precaution to protect its guest when they re-open. I also have no doubt that the day they re-open, no matter what extra measures need to ne taken, my daughter & I will be anxious to return!

  91. Avatar


    I’m not a Florida resident but an avid Disney fan that goes very often.
    I think I can argue against most proposals that are being put forward to prevent this virus spreading, the fact is it’s never going to go completely.
    Disney attracts millions of people because of its magic which my taking away shows, parades etc is going to spoil a big part of that magic.
    6ft gaps between people will never work people just won’t stick to it.
    Cleaning rides in between each go would cause horrendous queues, I go in the summer when queues are already horrendous this would make them so much more.
    Plus every wall, railing shelf in the shops bin toilet door bench etc etc would also need to be cleaned because everyone is always touching or sitting so your never going to be able to sanitize everything that’s touched.
    Wearing masks will be a nightmare in the heat, I’m a asthmatic and having a mask on my face would cause me anxiety, I also suffer with pressure urticaria so wearing a mask with elastic would cause hives on my face and if they spread which they do to my mouth then I also suffer anaphylactic so this would not be suitable for me.
    Temperature checks, what if someone has a ear infection or throat infection and present with a temperature?.
    Reducing the riders on rides with virtual queues is unfair to those who don’t get to ride them and have paid the same money, will they give a refund?
    I believe the best way is to put hand sanitizers at every ride and food outlet and hope that everyone will use them.
    I think reduce the capacity is a good idea but that’s because it gets to busy anyway.
    I would then open and if you choose to go fine and if you don’t and want to wait then fine too.
    All the restrictions are just not doable not if you want to have the same magical experience.

  92. Avatar

    Marie Whipple

    I have no problem with temperature checks or even wearing masks to keep everyone safe. We are planning a trip in November with our whole family and want to be safe.

  93. Avatar

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