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Disney on Broadway

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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    I can not wait to see this as i missed it and i can not wait to see my friends many of whom are listed… we havent been in touch bc of everything going on more important things to do! This looks so cool!

    1. Harley

      Me too many friends of mine are students of mine as a vocal coach we suspended lessons but still talk to each other… theres some on this list i am suprised about bc i know how private they are personally and do not even have social bc of it will be interesting!

      1. Mark

        Its the first sign anywhere broadway is still closed bc via sites and forums broadway is expected to reopen the next wk! Its not i am sure but they still havent told anyone!

      2. Rebel Orange Bird

        Mark my friends are in the queendom believe me Six isnt having opening night until they are allowed too!

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