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  1. Mark

    You might in your post want to remind people difference between furlough vs firing its not the same cms will be able back at the parks when they reopen they are not being fired… furlough means they they are just not paying them anymore! Even cps are allowed to return now or just get rehired as employees whenever they reopen!

    1. Cindy

      Yea i am an cm still listed on portal etc i just am not getting paid in may but my benefits are there and managers call personally and my managers lack management skill its sad it took a crisis to care but at least its something! I cant say the safe for people i know at gardens and universal!

  2. Tom

    So, what happens to the cast members that are not US-citizens? Mainly those in the still ongoing programs ? Are these cm part of unions?

  3. Tom

    So, what about the cms that are not us-citizens and not part of a union? How are they covered for the next month(s)?

    1. Mark

      Are you talking about cps? Tech your not cms your part of a program! You can reapply for the program or become a cm outright last i heard when reopen no strings! Hope it helps good luck!

      1. Tom

        I was talking about crps. Because these programs have not been suspended and most of them are not us citizens.

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