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Disney World Annual Pass


  1. Chris

    No. I think they should clearly state how much the refund is for each level. This should also be handled in a better way than calling in. If all information was provided, there would be less calls.

    Why can’t we elect the option through the app? Or website?

    1. Jackie

      Bc the app and the website malfunction bc tech sucks and at least speaking to a person your not giving personal info out to regions beyond on the internet! Though i am sure all your homeboys on fb and insta know your social and everything else anyways!

      1. Harley

        Sad but true!

      2. Fran

        Comment on the article. Don’t need to comment to other people. Just wastes time.

      3. Jackie

        Fran you apparently just commented to comment on our not needed comments and just made on thats not needed either! Comments is share ones opinions… welcome to the internet!

  2. Valentina Ramos

    When are we getting the refund? Haven’t gotten ours yet…:(

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