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The Maschio Family


  1. Harley

    This is very sad as i worked w jim and knew the family my heart…. just a beutiful remind of how precious life is and just important it is! Above the heart retching reminder esp what we are going through mow heart attacks and cancer are still #1 &#2 causes of death! They are silent killers most of the time and its just theres no words…. its like my friend her mom just dropped dead of a heart attack she was health microwaving food found her on the floor! Its crazy how short life is though beautiful! I hope this family is full of new hope and knows their mom/wife is always with them when it matters most!?

    1. Rebel Porg

      Its so true harley! No one knows how insanity short life is nor how important we all take it for granted honestly too much and the life throws you a curve ball like this or what we are going through… it makes think honestly!

      1. Mark

        I know all too well what tragically feels like to loose loved ones so suddenly but also know how grateful i am for my kid and my friends whom built me back up like this amazing story!

  2. Gikka

    Love changes the world. Congrats from Brazil, as a great fan of ALL CM. You’ re always ready to help us! I wish Jim and his children the best.

  3. Melanie Durham

    My prayers are with the family!

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