Comments for Disney Buys MORE Land Near Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

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  1. Theresa

    Should build apartments for their employees

    1. Mark

      The apts behind mk are for cms and they could go to half a dozen others elsewhere cms have discounts for them too! They just need to be grown adults and go get an apt disney isnt paying thats not the real world!

      1. Jackie

        The apartments behind mk are convenient but i agree thats all any apt is in that area convenient but $$$ most cms i know live elsewhere so they have a drive (who doesnt) and have way less in rent then orlando central! Or you do the better thing save your money and buy a home! Thats what i did!

  2. Jason K

    Disney never finds a way to stop at expansion.

    1. Lanise

      They should bring some of the old attractions back, like the character’s houses (wink wink). People go to Disney World to have fun times. And then there are adults who are just big kids, like me. I go to bring a spark of my childhood back, but I can’t really do that when everything I grew up with keeps disappearing.

  3. Walt

    They just moving money they own Reedy Creek

  4. 321array321

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