Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto Disney Loungefly Mini Backpack Collection

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Publicity for Disney characters mini backpacks

Check out this Disney bag sneak peek that surfaced on Instagram this week! The @Disneylifestylers posted Loungefly renderings of possible upcoming bags featuring Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy and we’re loving it. While all the official details haven’t been released, we at Inside the Magic did a little digging to find out some more about these lovely Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks and Wallets!

Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks – Daisy, Pluto, & Goofy

Aren’t these classic character minis the cutest things? These three members of the Sensational Six have surfaced online at Entertainment Earth, the same place we found the Tres Caballeros sneak peek… Concentrating on these three backpacks, renderings have given us looks at the basic design of the Loungefly Mini Backpack construction as well as the linings. Loungefly pays such attention to detail! These backpacks are rumored to cost around $75.00 and may be released in May 2020.

Daisy dons classic pink and purple with her yellow beak peeking from under the front zipper pocket. While we can’t see  any particular details of zipper pulls, we expect the classic outside pockets to be the purple side panels pictured above. Interior linings show a pink and purple Daisy design that compliments the outer shell.

daisy disney loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Loungefly Designs

Pluto’s mischievous smirk is captured perfectly in this Disney Loungefly Mini Backpack.  His dog tag on the front of the bag MIGHT be 3-d or a faux leather cutout, but it is not clear from this rendering. Pluto’s doghouse and maybe the pup himself are present in embroidery on the back of the mini backpack. Classic side pockets are present in green and yellow, while a front zippered area is right under Pluto’s nose.

pluto disney loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Loungefly Designs

Ah, the Goof. That wonderful creature. Goofy’s Loungefly mini backpack brings all his character to the table for a fanciful Disney purse that we love! From his green cutout cap to his dangling teeth and ears, he’s all accounted for. The interior lining offers his iconic font and hat in bright colors to help you find your Powerline concert tickets. Classic side pockets and adjustable cushions straps seal the deal.

goofy disney loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Loungefly Designs

Disney Character Loungefly Wallet Collection

Entertainment Earth suggests the price of these wallets to be $40.00 USD and available starting in May of 2020. All three wallets feature the same design and styling as their counterpart mini backpacks above but have a variety of shapes and usages. Daisy’s wallet is long, not requiring you to fold any cash and having a wealth (pun intended) of cards in the holder.

daisy disney loungefly wallet
Credit: Loungefly Designs

The smaller coin pouch Pluto has a cardholder on the back with a large dog-tag zip, but as you can see from the images below, there is room for discussion on how the wallet is oriented and if it opens all the way. It’s a charming representation of Mickey’s favorite pooch (we won’t tell Goofy!!)

pluto disney wallet
Credit: Loungefly Designs

The Goof gets a main stage appearance with a wallet much like Pluto’s.  (It looks like dogs stick together!) Goofy’s Loungefly wallet features his green hat on a zipper pull, a clear ID holder, cardholder areas and perhaps a coin area. Once again, there is debate about how the wallet will function as orientation below is a little confusing.

goofy loungefly wallet
Credit: Loungefly Designs

Which Disney Loungefly Mini Backpack or Wallet will you carry to represent your Disney love? Instead of matching items, will you mix it up to bring these three Disney characters together? Be sure to check out our coverage on the Ink and Paint collection including the adorable Sorcerer Mickey Loungefly bag. There was a reversible Daisy and Donald Loungefly Mini Backpack, too!

Which Loungefly bag are you carrying? Leave us a comment below!

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