Comments for Disney Legend Bob Gurr to Discuss Creating The Haunted Mansion on Facebook Live

Bob Gurr Haunted Mansion Facebook Live


  1. Sam

    I love the Haunted Mansion! Can’t wait for the Live video! But your article mentions (2pm Eastern Time) and 5pm Pacific Time, which time is it? If it will be at 5pm Pacific, then that’s 8pm Eastern, not 2pm!!! Please update so you don’t cause further confusion

  2. carolyn

    Thank you! I was just thinking the same thing

  3. Jerry C

    Yeah. If it happens at 5PM at Pacific time, then Eastern time would be 8PM. 🙂

  4. John W

    The article stated the time is 5PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) Are you sure it’s not PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)?

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