Comments for Frustrations Rise for Disney Parks Passholders as Monthly Fees Continue During Closure




  1. Mark

    Your time will not be extended if you do not pay no one is going to give you that for free many of you do not get big business! What happens if payment stops and next thing you hear they can not pay cms wow i wonder why???

  2. Harley

    People complain bc they have nothing better to do in their lives and they think major corps should all respect me and kiss my ring!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Considering they wont post my last response to you harley lets see them like this one you i know will get it…
      Im the queen of the castle 😉

      1. Harley

        Get down you dirty rascal! Yas queen! 😉

  3. Toro

    It looks like fraud and breach of contract. You can’t change the terms of contract unilaterally and in mid-contract. (See Cryo-Freezer 33 on the AP scandal.)

  4. Devils reject

    I did stop payment though my bank soooooooooooo f***em till this is over
    Then I’ll pay in full lol
    Sucks for anyone who is still paying
    But I’m a WOLF not a SHEEP

    1. Jackie

      Then the jokes on you bc they wont let you in N you will have to start over if they let you back! Disney is a major business whom knows all the stupid things people do including that! Security might kick you out so good luck w that! Most true aps and fans want their orange bird magnets and want to get back in not complain complain complain!

  5. Sheri

    So what about those of us that paid the full fee all up front? I’m happy with extending the days I can go when it reopens before having my pass expire. Seems fair to me.

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