Disney Magic Moments: Sunrises from Animal Kingdom to Start Your Week Right!

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animal kingdom sunrise

Credit: Disney

Last week, we shared Disney sunrise photos that featured beautiful looks at the castles from around the world. You could almost imagine walking toward Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom or Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland park first thing in the morning!

Now, the Disney Parks team is showcasing the beauty of Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a new series of sunrise pictures.

These pictures of DAK’s iconic Tree of Life show sunlight streaming down into Disney World’s wildest park. The first image almost looks like a scene straight out of the live-action Lion King movie!

tree of life 1
Credit: Disney

From this angle, sunlight illuminates the gorgeous Tree of Life carvings and a sun-dappled buffalo carving in the foreground. Discovery Island has never looked prettier!

tree of life 2
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Imagineering team shared images of early morning Pandora: The World of Avatar on their Instagram page.

Pandora is one of the Imagineering department’s crown jewels. The team truly transformed this section of Animal Kingdom into an otherworldly paradise. This Pandora sunrise is sure to get your week off to a bright start!

pandora 1
Credit: Disney

Disney Imagineers also posted this Pandora: The World of Avatar picture, showcasing a Disney World sunrise sky that would make the Na’Vi jealous!

pandora 2
Credit: Disney

Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment, Dr. Mark Penning, has also been sharing Animal Kingdom sunrise pictures via his Instagram account.

One of our favorites is this shot of sleepy lions at Walt Disney World’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve! You can pretend you’re on a private sunrise safari.

lions ak
Credit: Instagram/@DrMarkAtDisney

Dr. Mark also shared a sunrise picture of mother and baby zebras at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. There’s no doubt this super cute photo will bring a smile to your face, even if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet. 

zebras ak
Credit: Disney/@DrMarkAtDisney

We hope this “Good Morning!” from Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort makes your Monday morning more cheerful and, even though we can’t visit WDW or Disneyland right now, remember Walt Disney’s words: “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!”

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